Aliens: Bishop novel is a direct follow-up to Aliens and Alien 3

A direct sequel to Aliens and Alien 3, the upcoming novel Aliens: Bishop will reveal what happened to Bishop after he was disconnected

The android Bishop quickly became a fan favorite character when he was introduced in Aliens – but he wasn’t in great shape by the end of that movie, and in Alien 3 he was so messed up that he asked to be disconnected. (“Disconnect me. I could be reworked, but I’ll never be top of the line again. I’d rather be nothing.”) Yes, it’s a movie that’s so bleak even the android in it doesn’t want to exist anymore. But now author T.R. Napper is here to tell us that Alien 3 wasn’t the end of the line for Bishop. There’s more to his story that’s going to be told in the novel Alien: Bishop, which is set to reach store shelves on December 12th. Copies can be pre-ordered at THIS LINK.

Aliens: Bishop has the following description: A direct sequel to Aliens and Alien 3—Weyland-Yutani, the Colonial Marines, and Bishop’s creator all pursue the android for the deadly Xenomorph data contained in his brain. Written by T. R. Napper, author of the acclaimed 36 Streets, whose explosive work explores the artificial intelligence and what it is to be human.

Massively damaged in Aliens and Alien3, the synthetic Bishop asked to be shut down forever. His creator, Michael Bishop, has other plans. He seeks the Xenomorph knowledge stored in the android’s mind, and brings Bishop back to life—but for what reason? No longer an employee of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation, Michael tells his creation that he seeks to advance medical research for the benefit of humanity. Yet where does he get the resources needed to advance his work. With whom do his new allegiances lie?

Bishop is pursued by Colonial Marines Captain Marcel Apone, commander of the Il Conde and younger brother of Master Sergeant Alexander Apone, one of the casualties of the doomed mission to LV-426. Also on his trail are the “Dog Catchers,” commandos employed by Weyland-Yutani.

Who else might benefit from Bishop’s intimate knowledge of the deadliest creatures in the galaxy?

A lot of fans were disappointed, if not devastated, by the way Alien 3 handled Aliens characters Bishop, Hicks, and Newt. You can’t do much with Hicks and Newt in a direct sequel, but it’s interesting to see that Napper has decided to resurrect Bishop.

Will you be reading Aliens: Bishop to find out what happened to Bishop after the events of Alien 3? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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