You’re Killing Me: Anne Heche, Dermot Mulroney horror thriller gets theatrical and digital release

The horror thriller You’re Killing Me, starring McKaley Miller, Anne Heche, and Dermot Mulroney, will be released this weekend

Last May, three months before Anne Heche (I Know What You Did Last Summer) died in a horrific car crash, we heard that she had just finished working on a horror thriller called Full Ride, co-starring McKaley Miller, who had roles in the Blumhouse genre projects Ma and Into the Dark: Pure, and Dermot Mulroney, who can currently be seen on the big screen in Scream VI. Full Ride has since been re-titled You’re Killing Me, and Quiver Distribution is set to give it a theatrical and digital release this Friday, April 7th. To see if You’re Killing Me is a movie you would like to check out this weekend, take a look at the trailer embedded above.

Stay Out of the F**king Attic director Jerren Lauder teamed up with newcomer Beth Hanna to bring You’re Killing Me to the screen, working from a screenplay by Walker Hare and Brad Martocello to tell the story of prep student Eden Murphy. A week ago, a student at Torrington Prep, Melissa Brown, went missing. While the police search for her, her classmates are more preoccupied with their own futures — none more than Eden Murphy. She may be the poorest student at Torrington Prep, but she’s got big ambitions. Ever since she was a kid she has dreamed of attending the elite Pennbrooke College. But after learning she’s been waitlisted at the school of her dreams, Eden decides to take drastic action. With the hope of receiving a letter of recommendation from the wealthy parents of resident alpha bro, and valedictorian, Barrett Schroder, Eden hatches a plan. She drags her best friend Zara along with her and sneaks into his annual legendary “Heaven and Hell” party. Betraying their better judgment, Eden and Zara don sexy wings and skirts and head to the notoriously debaucherous party to cozy up to Schroder. Unfortunately, Eden realizes that her friend Zara is sloppy drunk. When she brings Zara upstairs to sleep it off, Eden stumbles upon evidence on Schroder’s friend Gooch’s phone that links Schroder to Melissa Brown’s disappearance. Troubled by this discovery, Eden locks herself and Zara in the master bedroom with the phone/evidence. Schroder and his friends realize that she has it and come knocking. Eden demands answers while Schroder insists she’s being drunk and hysterical. Barricaded in the master bedroom with her unconscious friend, Eden searches for a way out. The night spirals out of control as Schroder and his friends resort to increasingly desperate measures. Soon the game of cat and mouse turns deadly as the teens do everything in their power to protect their bright futures. As the bodies start to pile up, Eden is still trapped and she realizes it’ll take every ounce of courage and wit if she is going to survive this hellish night.

That’s quite an epic synopsis and I’m not sure we needed to know that much information before watching the movie, but this does sound like something I would like to watch.

Miller, Heche, and Maroney are joined in the cast by Kalli Therinae (Babysitter Must Die), Brice Anthony Heller (Samaritan), Keyara Milliner (Mayfair Witches), Wil Deusner (She-Hulk), and Morgana Van Peebles (Power).

You’re Killing Me was produced by Joshua Russell, Kevin Greene, Seth Ingram, Michael Dunaway, Mark Goldberg, and Gerald T. Olson, with Quiver’s Berry Meyerowitz and Jeff Sackman serving as executive producers with Larry Greenberg.

Meyerowitz and Sackman had this to say about the project: “You’re Killing Me is a chilling critique of the politics surrounding college admissions while simultaneously providing plenty of suspense. Anchored by knockout performances from McKaley, Anne, and Dermot and led by an impressive filmmaking duo, we’re thrilled to be able to take audiences on this exhilarating ride.

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