WWE: Recruits: John Cena to produce and appear in new docuseries for Roku

While John Cena appears in various movies and TV projects, the former wrestler pays tribute to where he came from with a new docuseries.

While Peacock has the library and original programming of the WWE Network, the famed wrestling brand continues to expand as Roku gets in on more of the streaming content game. According to The Hollywood Reporter, John Cena will be producing a new docuseries for Roku titled WWE: Recruits. The concept for the series is more of a serious take on the WWE reality show Tough Enough. Whereas Tough Enough is more of a competition between a group of people vying to become the newest talents in the WWE world, WWE: Recruits is more of a look at the journey of wrestling hopefuls as the company seeks to develop the new talent as future stars.

The WWE is currently making history by merging with another immensely popular combat entertainment company — the UFC. The Ultimate Fighting Championship brand has had great success in producing a similar series titled The Ultimate Fighter, which gives fans a look at the behind-the-scenes training of up-and-coming talents in the sport. This new series is one of the first examples of what both companies hope to accomplish with their collaboration. This deal with Roku adds to the bevy of networks that currently distribute WWE content, which also includes NBCUniversal, Fox, A+E Networks, and Netflix. Although, its actual matches and events are only on USA, Peacock, and Fox.

In addition to producing, Cena will be making an appearance on the show alongside Paul “Triple H” Levesque, who is currently in charge of WWE creative, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, and Bianca Belaire. Filming has gotten underway, with some content having already been produced at Wrestlemania last weekend. Cena gave a statement which outlined his intention of the show, Millions around the world watch and dream of it, but only a handful of extraordinary individuals can become a WWE Superstar. I am so excited to bring WWE: Recuits to The Roku Channel and look forward to giving viewers an exclusive all-access perspective on how the WWE turns the dreams of talented young people into a reality.” 

Sean Boyle, the head of adventure and exploration programming for the Roku Channel, would add, “Roku Original series WWE: Recruits not only unpacks how the WWE transforms unknown athletes into world-renowned stars, but also invites audiences into the lives of an unforgettable group of young people chasing their ultimate dream. We could not be more excited to work with the icon himself, John Cena, as our executive producer and our outstanding partners, the WWE and A. Smith & Co Productions, to share the untold story of this high-stakes world.” 

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