Upgrade My Country charts path for new America with short film: Rise of the Beast

Upgrade My Country, a movement to amend the US Constitution for Term Limits and Modern elections, lays forth a plan to restore democracy to the United States in a short film named: Rise of the Beast, distributed on Youtube.

ELLICOTT CITY, Md., March 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Upgrade My Country is taking on what it labels as the Democratic-Republican duopoly in an original way combining science fiction and political drama, attempting to rally the support of independents in the political space while also entertaining them.

The film stars Tony Zorc, the 2024 Independent Presidential Candidate representing the movement as a volunteer who explains to a group of citizens what went wrong with the country and how to fix it. The film uses a fictitious virus to label citizens as Tribal or Disengaged and offers a vaccine as the solution.

The film claims that a gap exists in the US Constitution for political parties, and both the Democratic and Republican parties operate as unregulated institutions exploiting the gap by choosing to represent corporations while propagating a lie that they serve citizens. The solution offered is a President and political parties committed to amending the constitution, abiding by term limits, and only taking donations for campaign funding from citizens.

“I am so proud of the Upgrade My Country production team and what we have created, with special thanks to Director Ben Baker-Lee and casting director Miriam Zorc,” said writer and Executive Producer Tony Zorc.

Zorc claims that film and music are the best tools to organize and mobilize a disengaged, cynical, and angry citizen body that is now the majority of the American electorate. The film can be accessed by clicking on the following link: Upgrade My Country: Rise of the Beast.

About Tony Zorc
Tony Zorc is an Entrepreneur, Author, Singer/Songwriter, and 2024 Independent candidate for President of the United States. Visit tonyzorc.com to learn more.

About Upgrade My Country
Upgrade My Country is a nonprofit, mission-based organization to amend the US Constitution for Term Limits and Modern Elections by unifying America through pop culture, including; comics, music, and film. Visit upgrademycountry.org to learn more.

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