Tremors (1990) Revisited – Horror Movie Review

The new episode of the Revisited video series looks back at the 1990 creature feature Tremors, starring Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward, Michael Gross

A new episode of the Revisited video series has just arrived online, and in this one we’re looking back at one of my personal all-time favorite movies, the 1990 creature feature Tremors (watch it HERE)! To find out what we had to say about Tremors, check out the video embedded above.

Directed by Ron Underwood from a screenplay by Brent Maddock and S. S. Wilson (who also share story credit with Underwood), Tremors has the following synopsis: Handymen Val McKee and Earl Bassett are tired of their dull lives in the small desert town of Perfection, Nevada. But just as the two try to skip town, they happen upon a series of mysterious deaths and a concerned seismologist studying unnatural readings below the ground. With the help of an eccentric couple, the group fights for survival against giant, worm-like monsters hungry for human flesh.

The film stars Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward, Finn Carter, Michael Gross, Reba McEntire, Bobby Jacoby, Charlotte Stewart, Ariana Richards, Tony Genaro, Richard Marcus, Victor Wong, Bibi Besch, Conrad Bachmann, Sunshine Parker, Michael Dan Wagner, John Goodwin, and John Pappas.

The Tremors episode of Revisited was Written, Narrated, and Edited by Lance Vlcek, Produced by Tyler Nichols and John Fallon, and Executive Produced by Berge Garabedian.

Several series on the JoBlo Horror Originals YouTube channel have been released under the Revisited banner in the past. (Episodes of Best Horror Movie You Never Saw, The Black Sheep, Deconstructing, Horror Party Movies, Best Foreign Horror Movies, Playing with Fear, and Real Slashers have all been labeled Revisited on YouTube.) We recently got a new series simply titled Revisited started with an episode dedicated to Chopping Mall. Since then, the series has covered Tales from the Darkside: The MovieVideodromeJacob’s LadderRe-AnimatorHouse II: The Second StoryTales from the Crypt: Demon KnightPoltergeistKiller Klowns from Outer SpaceFright NightThe FogThe CraftElvira: Mistress of the DarkPet SemataryProm NightStorm of the CenturyKolchak: The Night StalkerGremlinsSwamp Thing, Army of Darkness, and The Hitcher.

Two previous episodes of Revisited can be seen below. To see more of our shows, head over to the JoBlo Horror Originals channel – and subscribe while you’re at it!

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