To Catch a Killer: Shailene Woodley serial killer thriller heads to VOD

To Catch a Killer, a serial killer thriller starring Shailene Woodley and Ben Mendelsohn, is heading to VOD later in May

When director Damian Szifron’s serial killer thriller To Catch a Killer was first announced (under the title Misanthrope), Glen Basner – CEO of financier FilmNation Entertainment – said he believed the project could turn out to be “a decade defining film”. Unfortunately, the movie didn’t make much of an impact when it reached theatres in late April. But maybe it will reach its audience when it’s available on home video. Distributor Vertical Entertainment has now announced that To Catch a Killer will be receiving a VOD release later this month. It will be available on all On Demand platforms as of May 16th.

The film stars Shailene Woodley (Divergent), Ben Mendelsohn (Captain Marvel), and Jovan Adepo (the Watchmen TV series).

Directed by Szifron from a script he wrote with Jonathan Wakeham, To Catch a Killer has the following synopsis: A modern-day Clarice Starling, Eleanor (Shailene Woodley) is a young police investigator wrestling with the demons of her past when she is recruited by the FBI’s chief investigator (Ben Mendelsohn) to help profile and track the work of a disturbed individual. As the police and FBI launch a nationwide manhunt, they are thwarted at every turn by the individual’s unprecedented behavior. Given her tortured psyche, Eleanor may be the only person who can understand the mind of their assailant and bring him to justice.

Woodley and Szifron produced the film with Stuart Manashil and FilmNation Entertainment’s Aaron Ryder. 

Woodley explained what drew her to To Catch a Killer: “Screenplays like this, that are this well executed both in theme and tone, are rare to come by with a director like Damian behind the wheel. I have complete trust we will create something that will have a profound impact on cinema and will resonate with audiences, especially given the times we are living in right now. I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this team.

I’m interested in checking out To Catch a Killer, so I will definitely be watching it once it hits VOD. Will you be watching this movie later this month? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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