The Strangers Chapter 1: Interviews from the Red Carpet with the stars!

We attend the Red Carpet Premiere of The Strangers: Chapter 1 and talk to the cast about their favorite moment from the film.

Horror films can often be the red-headed stepchild of the entertainment industry. They’re rarely treated with the same glitz and glam of other genres. So the fact that Lionsgate is pulling out all the stops for The Strangers: Chapter 1 is a good sign of their faith in their trilogy. Because yes, this is the beginning of not just one solo outing but an entire trio of films for audiences to take head-on. So I was happy the film was getting not just a big theatrical release after being rumored for straight to streaming, it even got a big Hollywood Red Carpet premiere. And I was lucky enough to be able to attend!

Being my first ever Red Carpet, I obviously don’t have a whole lot to compare it to but I was very impressed. The Red Carpet was made of burlap and they had various Strangers lurking around. Riverdale stars Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes showed up to support their co-star Madelaine Petsch. And it’s always a good day when you’re able to talk to Renny Harlin. We also got to talk to Kel Mitchell about his favorite horror movie (though his name may be in the news for something else). I asked the various cast and filmmakers about which scene from the film they’d like to see live in horror infamy. Some of the answers may surprise you as there are quite a few teases for the sequels. You can check out my review HERE!

The Strangers: Chapter 1 plot synopsis:

After their car breaks down in an eerie small town, a young couple (Madelaine Petsch and Froy Gutierrez) are forced to spend the night in a remote cabin. Panic ensues as they are terrorized by three masked strangers who strike with no mercy and seemingly no motive in The Strangers ― Chapter 1, the chilling first entry of this upcoming horror feature-film series.

THE STRANGERS – Chapter 1 will be available in theaters nationwide on May 17, 2024

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