The Slave and the Sorcerer: fantasy film is described as “Deathstalker meets The Evil Dead”

The ’80s throwback fantasy film The Slave and the Sorcerer is described as being like Deathstalker meets The Evil Dead

Hex Studios have unveiled the poster for their fantasy film throwback The Slave and the Sorcerer, which is described as being a gory, practical-effects-filled, ’80s-inspired sword and sorcery horror film that will be like “Deathstalker meets The Evil Dead” – and to me that sounds like exactly the film the world needs right now! If you agree, you can secure a copy of the special edition Blu-ray through the Kickstarter campaign that Hex Studios is currently running. Depending on which reward tier you choose, you could also get your name in the credits of the film, or even land an on-screen role in the sequel, The Slave and the General.

Inspired by cult classics like Deathstalker, The Beastmaster, and (of course) The Sword and the Sorcerer, The Slave and the Sorcerer tells the following story: When Princess Meyra is kidnapped by the evil wizard Akaris, the slave Tyrol volunteers to lead a mission to his cursed dungeon lair to save her from his clutches. Along with a band of heroes of questionable loyalties, he must battle the ancient and diabolical creatures that protect Akaris’ fortress, and overcome his devious tests. Ultimately, Tyrol must slay a dragon to save the princess, and the realm, from a reign of endless darkness.

The film stars Chris Black as Tyrol, along with Jonathan Hansler (The Devil’s Business), Briony Monroe (The Black Gloves), Megan Tremethick (Ghost Crew), Richard Pate (The Black Gloves), Chris Capaldi (The Necromancer), Stephen Kerr (For We Are Many), and rugby star Dean Schofield, making his feature acting debut.

The Slave and the Sorcerer is said to be “brimming with muscle-bound heroes, seductive sorceresses, and iconic villains true to the era. Also in the spirit of their inspirations, the team at Hex built an extensive dungeon set in their studio facility in Fife, Scotland, and have worked tirelessly to produce an array of horrifically gory practical effects to please even the most bloodthirsty horror fan.

Producer Lawrie Brewster had this to say about the film: “I’ve always been a fan of gritty fantasy movies, especially those that might be described as ‘Sword and Sorcery’. Films such as The Sword and the Sorcerer directed by Albert Pyun, to whom we’ve dedicated our film, were formative inspirations for me. Likewise with Deathstalker. In fact, you might describe our film as Deathstalker meets The Evil Dead. It’s time to champion fantasy films that are allowed to be fun, sexy, and gloriously violent.

A co-production between Hex Studios and Needle’s Eye Productions, The Slave and the Sorcerer is aiming for a winter 2023 release.

Beyond this film and its sequel, Hex Studios is also working to build a new British horror and fantasy studio that’s inspired by the likes of Cannon, Hammer, and AIP. You can find out more about this endeavor at

Does The Slave and the Sorcerer sound interesting to you, and will you be buying a copy of the Blu-ray? Share your thoughts on this one by leaving a comment below.

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