The End We Start From teaser trailer: Jodie Comer runs from a cataclysmic flood in Mahalia Belo’s apocalyptic thriller

Signature Entertainment’s The End We Start From teaser trailer finds Jodie Comer fighting for survival against an oncoming flood.

Signature Entertainment is dipping its toe into the apocalypse with today’s The End We Start From teaser trailer, featuring Jodie Comer engaged in a battle to survive a world overrun by rushing water and the erosion of humanity. Mahalia Belo (The Long SongEllenRequiem) directs the film from a script by Alice Birch, inspired by Megan Hunter’s novel.

Here’s a synopsis courtesy of the Toronto International Film Festival:

A new mother (Jodie Comer), her partner (Joel Fry), and their infant are driven out of London into the English countryside by cataclysmic flooding in this adaptation of Megan Hunter’s prophetic bestseller.

England, tomorrow: Forced out of London by cataclysmic flooding, a new mother (Jodie Comer), her partner (Joel Fry), and their infant make their way to his parents’ home in the countryside, only to find the situation growing increasingly desperate there, as well.

Adapting Megan Hunter’s prophetic 2017 novel, director Mahalia Belo and screenwriter Alice Birch model their film on the author’s spare, elliptical prose, keeping the disaster just off-screen and letting their actors wear the pressure and tension of the story on their faces as their world gets a little smaller and a lot scarier. Comer (Killing EveThe Last Duel), in a role unlike any she’s played before, balances a new mother’s physical and psychic exhaustion with an unyielding life force that makes her the ideal audience surrogate.

In today’s The End We Start From teaser trailer, Comer’s character plays peek-a-boo with an infant before trying to escape an oncoming flood of water and memories. As rushing liquid rampages through streets, destroying homes, hopes, and dreams, Comer contemplates her next move.

The preview includes stunning imagery, clever camerawork, and a captivating performance from Comer. The End We Start From premieres at the Toronto International Film Festival, where the film will challenge audiences with questions about the future. What would you do if flood waters could wash away everything you know? How would you change your life? Why aren’t you living that way now, before something apocalyptic happens?

The End We Start From features Jodie Comer, Joel Fry, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Mark Stong. What do you think of today’s teaser trailer? Let us know in the comments below.

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