Strange New Worlds gets musical episode this season

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will get a full-blown musical episode this season with 10 songs and an update of the theme song.

Star Trek is about to boldly go where few shows have gone before, as the Paramount+ series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will have a musical episode next month. That’s right, things are about to get funky on the Enterprise!

Revealed at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, “Subspace Rhapsody” – the seventh and penultimate episode of season two of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds – will feature 10 original songs in addition to a spin on the show’s theme song. The episode is set to air on August 3rd, with the season finale (“Hegemony”) airing the week after.

This season of Strange New Worlds has been earning plenty of praise, with our own Alex Maidy saying it’s “looser and more fun” than the first. That seems to be holding true, as it’s not every year we get a musical episode of a show…Still, Strange New Worlds is far from being the only series to have a musical episode, with the gimmick being employed in shows like Scrubs, The Flash, Grey’s Anatomy, Daria, and the reigning champ, Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s “Once More, With Feeling”.

Strange New Worlds follows Captain Christopher Pike, a storied character in the Star Trek universe, having been first introduced in an unaired pilot before being replaced by Captain James T. Kirk. The character would get a more prominent screen time later on with J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness (Bruce Greenwood) and the series Star Trek: Discovery, where he was portrayed by Anson Mount, who also plays him on Strange New Worlds. As per Paramount+“In season two of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise, under the command of Captain Christopher Pike, confronts increasingly dangerous stakes, explores uncharted territories and encounters new life and civilizations. The crew will also embark on personal journeys that will continue to test their resolve and redefine their destinies. Facing friends and enemies both new and familiar, their adventures will unfold in surprising ways never seen before on any Star Trek series.”

How do you think the musical episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will turn out? What is the best of its kind in television history? Give us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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