Showdown at the Grand trailer: Terrence Howard, Dolph Lundgren star in action comedy

A trailer has been released for the action comedy Showdown at the Grand, starring Terrence Howard and Dolph Lundgren

Shout! Studios will be giving the action comedy Showdown at the Grand, starring Terrence Howard (Iron Man) and Dolph Lundgren (The Expendables), a theatrical and VOD release on November 3rd – and with just over a month to go until that date arrives, a trailer for the film has dropped online and can be seen in the embed above.

Written and directed by Orson Oblowitz, whose previous credits include the crime drama The Queen of Hollywood Blvd, the horror film Trespassers, and the thriller The Five Rules of Success, Showdown at the Grand has the following synopsis: A proud movie theater owner must defend his family business from corporate developers alongside a legendary action star as art imitates life in a showdown for the ages.

Howard and Lundgren are joined in the cast by Amanda Righetti (Friday the 13th 2009), John Savage (The Deer Hunter), Piper Curda (The Wretched), Mike Ferguson (Amityville Uprising), Clemmie Dugdale (About Time), Jose Rosete (Monsters of Man), and Jon Sklaroff (Three Kings).

Coming our way from Christian de Gallegos Films and Benaroya Pictures, Showdown at the Grand (which was originally announced under the title Showdown at the Odessa) was produced by Christian de Gallegos, Michael Benaroya, and Mira Pak Howard, with Matthew Helderman, James Holt, Valeria Lopez, Gregory McLachlan, Hani Selim, Joseph Lanius, Jordan Rudman, and Luke Taylor serving as executive producers.

Shout!’s Jordan Fields provided the following statement: “There is so much to love about this movie, from its endearing cinephile hero and dynamic storytelling to the sheer delight it takes in both adoring and playing off 80s action tropes. The cast is impeccable and Orson’s passion for popcorn flicks infuses every frame. This will be a very good time at the movies.

Showdown at the Grand does look like a very good time to me and I have been a fan of Dolph Lundgren since I was a kid in the ’80s, so I will definitely be watching this one in November.

What did you think of the Showdown at the Grand trailer? Will you be watching this movie later this year? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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