Road House remake gets an R rating for violence throughout, pervasive language, and some nudity

Doug Liman’s Road House remake starring Jake Gyllenhaal is Rated R for violence throughout, pervasive language, and some nudity.

There’s bound to be blood on the bar room floor when Doug Liman’s Road House remake starts a rumble in theaters. According to, the update starring Jake Gyllenhaal is Rated R for violence throughout, pervasive language, and some nudity. Today’s Road House remake rating clearly indicates that Liman won’t be holding back when the film punches its way into cinemas, and Gyllenhaal’s transformation into a chiseled behemoth won’t go to waste.

The original Road House starred Patrick Swayze as Dalton, a “cooler” hired to help clean up The Double Deuce, one of the rowdiest bars in Missouri. The film has become a cult favorite over the years, and there have been various attempts at remaking the movie. Prime Video says the new take will star Gyllenhaal as a former UFC fighter who takes a job as a bouncer at a roadhouse in the Florida Keys. He “soon discovers that not everything is what it seems in this tropical paradise.”

Two-time UFC champion Conor McGregor joins Gyllenhaal for his acting debut, with Billy Magnussen, Daniela Melchior, Gbemisola Ikumelo, Lukas Gage, Hannah Love Lanier, Travis Van Winkle, B.K. Cannon, Arturo Castro, Dominique Columbus, Beau Knapp, and Bob Menery.

In March, footage from Liman’s Road House remake, featuring a jacked-up Gyllenhaal, debuted as part of the UFC 285 event. The production filmed a weigh-in scene where Gyllenhaal showboated for the cameras, presumably both in and out of character. Dalton (Gyllenhaal) looks to be fighting a fictional fighter named Harris, who is played by the former UFC fighter Jay Hieron. The duo went through the motions at the staged weigh-in, and a fake tussle even broke out in the scene, as is par for the course when the fighters lock horns for a pre-match photo op.

Liman directs from a script by Anthony Bagarozzi, R. Lance Hill, and Chuck Mondry, with Joel Silver producing. While there will be changes to the original concept, Liman’s Road House remake is another step for Gyllenhaal on his way to becoming an action star and staple at Prime Video. Are you excited about the Road House remake? Let us know in the comments below.

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