Returning Batman Michael Keaton got emotional revisiting the Batcave

The much-anticipated return of Michael Keaton as Batman comes with a heartwarming story from the set–the Batcave, to be exact.

It’s been a big week for The Flash, with the movie making its world premiere at CinemaCon and earning some seriously high praise. This means it’s been a big week for Batman, which in turn means it’s been a big week for Michael Keaton, who has once again stepped into the role of the Caped Crusader. But it wasn’t just the cape and cowl that were familiar to Keaton as he reprised his role. It was the Batcave, too, triggering an emotional reaction from the actor, who hasn’t played the character on the big screen in over 30 years.

Speaking at the post-The Flash screening Q&A, director Andy Muschietti said seeing Michael Keaton return as Batman was a significant moment not just for those witnessing it but those actually experiencing it, especially as it pertained to his dwelling. “When [Keaton] arrived to the set, the Batcave was already finished and it was lit and everything. He stayed like this [eyes wide] for a while. I didn’t want to interrupt him. I just wanted for him to take it in. Who knows what was going on there? But something was going on there…It was funny because at one point during the scene where we shot him in the full suit, he was like, ‘Can you take a picture? It’s for my grandson.’ It was one of those moments where he really showed something was inside that was very emotional.” And now you just got emotional thinking about Batman as a grandpa…

Not unexpectedly, Michael Keaton as Batman seems to be one of the high points of The Flash, casting a familiar shadow throughout all of the hype. That he is being singled out in a movie deemed one of the best superhero movies ever points to him being just as passionate about the character as fans are. Tyler Nichols and Chris Bumbray attended screenings, confirming the return is well worth the wait.

What are you hoping to see with Michael Keaton’s reprisal of Batman? How big of a draw is this return for you in terms of seeing the movie? Let us know in the comments section below!

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