Peaky Blinders: Cillian Murphy would love to do a movie

Cillian Murphy would love to play Thomas Shelby again in a Peaky Blinders movie, but it would have to be done right.

Peaky Blinders came to a close last year after six seasons, but creator Steven Knight has been working on a movie that would continue the story. Cillian Murphy starred as Thomas Shelby in the series, and while speaking with Rolling Stone, said that he’d love to return for a Peaky Blinders movie but that it would have to be done right.

If there’s more story there, I’d love to do it,” Cillian Murphy said of the Peaky Blinders movie. “But it has to be right. Steve Knight wrote 36 hours of television, and we left on such a high. I’m really proud of that last series. So, it would have to feel legitimate and justified to do more.” Murphy added that while he loved playing Thomas Shelby, he couldn’t be any different from the character in real life.

People expect this mysterious, swaggering… it’s just a character. I do feel people are a little bit underwhelmed. That’s fine, it means I’m doing my job. Peaky fans are amazing. But sometimes I feel a little sad that I can’t provide — like — that charisma and swagger. He couldn’t be further from me.

Steven Knight first spoke about the movie several years ago, saying that it came about when they lost a year or production due to COVID. “So we put our heads together and thought that it would be a good idea to do a movie instead of doing series seven,” Knight told Variety in 2021. The showrunner added, “It’s a fully formed idea and it has a beginning, middle and end. And I think it’s going to be a fitting conclusion to the story told so far, but from it, there will be things I don’t really call spinoffs, but there will be other TV shows that I hope will come out of [it], that will continue to tell the story of this part of society and this family.” The project may be taking a back seat now that Knight has signed on to write the new Star Wars movie set to be directed by Ms. Marvel‘s Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy.

Cillian Murphy will next be seen starring in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer (check out the new trailer). He leads an all-star cast which includes Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, Robert Downey Jr., Gary Oldman, Rami Malek, Florence Pugh, Kenneth Branagh, and many more. The film will hit theaters on July 21st.

Are you down for a Peaky Blinders movie?

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