Oppenheimer and Barbie are projected to party with a combined opening of $260 million

As Hollywood strikes, cinemas this week will be lit up with a comedy satire, a devastating drama, and last week’s action extravaganza.

The time has come for audiences to either venture to a secluded desert town for a revolutionary breakthrough in weapons technology for an unspeakable event like World War II or drive up the coast to a Malibu dream home for a day of fun in the sun. Oppenheimer and Barbie are set to make their dual debuts this week, and while tinsel town is at a standstill due to the warring studios and creatives, this is an exciting week for cinema. According to Deadline, the projections for both Barbie and Oppenheimer are on track for some impressive numbers, with a combined total of $260 million dollars around the globe.

Barbie is said to have bested Disney’s live-action The Little Mermaid in presale ticket totals, as both are aiming for predominantly similar demographics. Warner Bros. is safety calling $75 million at 4,200 theaters, but the Mattel movie is reportedly set for a weekend with a range of $90 million to $125 million domestically, while the global totals are coming in at $165 million. Offshore markets are looking like $60 million to $65 million from France and Korea among majors on Wednesday, followed by Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia and all of Latin America on Thursday, and then the UK and China on Friday.

Meanwhile, Christopher Nolan’s newest film has been getting buzz as hot as the sun since The Dark Knight, as many are praising Oppenheimer to be the filmmaker’s best work, plus claims that the film is so haunting that it stays with you in emotional devastation. Even with the film’s hype and although it sports its own impressive cast and talent, the nature of it being a heavy drama at three hours with an R rating gives the movie a lower accessibility than Barbie as well as a smaller demographic. The drama is expected to come in at $40 million to $50 million domestically in 3,600 theaters. The global take is expected to add another $40 on top of it, which estimates are rounding up to a $100 million opening, which would be immensely impressive for a dialogue-heavy, adult-oriented drama.

Let’s not forget that Tom Cruise’s latest, Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One, is just a week old in theaters, and while the numbers for that film opened lower than estimated, it still has an opportunity to gain steam. All three movies give theater-going this week a four-quadrant appeal as there looks to be something for everyone and for different demographics. Enjoy the magic of the movies.

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