Naked Theater & Uncensored Horror: Stuart Gordon memoir coming in July

Director Stuart Gordon’s memoir Naked Theater & Uncensored Horror will be published by FAB Press in July, three years after he passed away

Three years have gone by since director Stuart Gordon passed away at the age of 72… but he left one more piece of entertainment for us to enjoy. FAB Press has announced that they will be publishing Gordon’s memoir Naked Theater & Uncensored Horror on July 20th, and copies can be pre-ordered at THIS LINK.

Here’s the information on Naked Theater & Uncensored Horror: In this engaging candid memoir, horror legend Stuart Gordon gives a vivid account of his remarkable journey, from a student manning the barricades during the civil unrest of the 1960s, via an infamous stint as an experimental theater maverick, to ultimately becoming an iconic figure in cult cinema. While he’d started his professional career as a theater director, Gordon’s first love was cinema, and in 1985 he shocked the world with his wickedly witty debut feature Re-Animator. The film established an unofficial Gordon repertory company, including the actors Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton, producer Brian Yuzna, and writer Dennis Paoli. It also established Gordon as the pre-eminent cinematic interpreter of legendary horror author H.P. Lovecraft, a writer many had previously regarded as largely unfilmable.

Gordon went on to undertake a succession of horror, science fiction, and thriller productions that saw him working across the globe, from Italy (Castle Freak), Hungary (Daughter of Darkness) and Australia (Fortress), to Ireland (Space Truckers) and Spain (Dagon). In these pages, Gordon recalls a wealth of anecdotes, revealing what it was like to direct acclaimed actors such asAnthony Perkins, Dennis Hopper, Oliver Reed, Edward J. Olmos, Lance Henriksen and William H. Macy. Gordon also spills the beans on working with Roy Disney and Jeffrey Katzenberg on the family comedy Honey, I Shrunk the Kids at Disney Studios.

Stuart Gordon’s memoir is authentically funny, disarmingly honest, and unexpectedly touching – a compelling glimpse into the life of a director happiest in Hollywood’s hinterlands, pushing the limits of what the mainstream would accept. It’s the story of a bona fide original, an uncompromising artist with the common touch, and of a loving family man who delighted in disturbing us all with his restless, brilliant imagination. Gordon’s filmography ranges from the iconic Lovecraftian horror From Beyond (1986), to science fiction action flicks including Robot Jox (1990), gruelling period pieces such as The Pit and the Pendulum (1998), the noir thriller King of the Ants (2003), and his David Mamet adaptation Edmond (2005). Gordon’s work was distinguished by his genius for marrying apparently incompatible opposites – savage and humane, learned and lurid, disturbing and hilarious, sophisticated and accessible. He has left behind a unique, subversive cinematic legacy.

Naked Theater & Uncensored Horror is Stuart Gordon’s final completed work, presented here unexpurgated, and fully endorsed and approved by the Gordon family trust.

The book features a special tribute by Gordon’s frequent collaborator Jeffrey Combs.

It’s awesome that Gordon was able to complete his memoir before he passed away, and it’s a great gift for his fans that they’ll have the chance to learn more about his life and career – from his perspective – by reading Naked Theater & Uncensored Horror. This is probably going to be a very interesting read.

Will you be buying a copy of Naked Theater & Uncensored Horror? Let us know by leaving a comment below. FAB Press is offering a Collector’s Edition of the book and a few different Stuart Gordon bundles.

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