Nail Gun Massacre, Deadgirl novelizations coming from Encyclopocalypse Publications

Encyclopocalypse Publications has commissioned novelizations of the 1986 film Nail Gun Massacre and 2008’s Deadgirl

Yesterday, we shared the news that Encyclopocalypse Publications, the company that not only brought John Skipp and Craig Spector’s novelization of Fright Night and Jeff Rovin’s novelization of Re-Animator back into print, but have also commissioned new novelizations of older films like Scared to DeathWishmaster, Vamp, Titan Find (a.k.a. Creature), and Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, is set to bring us a novelization of the 1989 Troma release Redneck Zombies. But that’s not the only novelization they currently have in the works. Encyclopocalypse Publications has also announced that they’ve got Snow Shark author Brian G. Berry working on a novelization of the 1986 low budget classic Nail Gun Massacre, while A Bouquet of Viscera author Bridgett Nelson is writing a novelization of the unnerving 2008 film Deadgirl!

Written and directed by Terry Lofton, Nail Gun Massacre told the following story: Forget about that guy with the chainsaw. And start worrying about the deranged Nail Gun Killer! A beautiful young girl is brutally gang-raped by construction workers at a building site in a small Texas town. Suddenly, mutilated bodies begin turning up. Nailed up. Nailed to trees. Nailed to the pavement. Nailed to each other! The Nail Gun Maniac is deadly and no one knows who he’ll hammer down next. It’s a piercing, no holes barred trip into industrial strength horror!

Directed by Marcel Sarmiento and Gadi Harel from a screenplay written by Trent Haaga, Deadgirl has the following synopsis: When high school misfits Rickie and JT decide to ditch school and find themselves lost in the crumbling facility of a nearby abandoned hospital, they come face-to-face with a gruesome discovery: a body of a woman – stripped naked, chained to a table and covered in plastic – and soon realize she is anything but dead. Quickly the boys find themselves embarking on a twisted yet poignant journey testing the limits of their friendship, and forces both to decide just how far they’re willing to stretch their understanding of right and wrong.

As I said when writing about the Redneck Zombies novelization, I am a big fan of the concept of novelizations in general, and Encyclopocalypse Publications has been making intriguing choices when it comes to picking older genre films to give the novelization treatment to. I’m very interested in seeing how the Nail Gun Massacre and Deadgirl novelizations are going to turn out.

What do you think of Nail Gun Massacre and Deadgirl getting novelizations? Share your thoughts on this news by leaving a comment below.

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