Murderbot: Full Moon releases trailer for latest Jim Wynorski film

Full Moon has released a trailer for Murderbot, a new sci-fi horror film from Chopping Mall director Jim Wynorski

Back in 1986, director Jim Wynorski brought us the cult classic Chopping Mall (watch it HERE, check out our WTF Happened to This Horror Movie? episode on the film HERE), which was about the robots that have been tasked with serving as the security guards in a shopping mall going on a killing spree. The original title for that movie was Killbots, and a while back it was announced that Wynorski was going to be directing a new movie called Killbots for Full Moon. It would have nothing to do with Chopping Mall, it was just going to be using that discarded original title. Well, the title plans changed along the way. The Wynorski / Full Moon project is now called Murderbot – and you can watch the trailer in the embed above!

Murderbot is scheduled to be released through the Full Moon Features streaming service on March 31st.

Starring Melissa Brasselle (The Curse of the Komodo), Eli Cirino (Giantess Battle Attack), Troy Fromin (Shrunken Heads), Michael Gaglio (A Christmas in Vermont), Rib Hillis (The Wrong Man), Freddy John James (Amityville in the Hood), Emma Keifer (American Underdog), August Kyss (Murdercise), Becky LeBeau (Attack of the 50 Foot CamGirl), Lisa London (Savage Beach), Walker Mintz (Nessie & Me), Sarah Noelle (Witchblossom), Lauren Parkinson (Avengers Grimm), Ryan Rathbun (Babylon), Arthur Sellers (Modern Problems), Dare Taylor (Girl Blood Sport), and Sydney Thackray (A Doggone Hollywood), Murderbot tells the following story: When a sentient female robot goes on a berserk killing spree, a group of young people fight for their lives while the mad scientists who created her try to stop the slaughter.

The film was produced, of course, by Full Moon founder Charles Band.

I have been a Full Moon fan since I was a kid and Wynorski movies are usually a good time, so I will definitely be watching Murderbot. While Wynorski has over 100 directing credits to his name, this is only the third time he and Band have worked together. He previously directed Attack of the 50 Foot CamGirl and Giantess Battle Attack for Full Moon.

What did you think of the Murderbot trailer? Are you a fan of Full Moon and/or Jim Wynorski, and will you be watching this movie? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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