Kit Harington wields an ax in first look at What Remains of Us

Kit Harington will star in horror movie What Remains of Us as a character who turns into a monster once every month.

The first look at upcoming horror-thriller What Remains of Us has arrived, with a promotional still showing a short-haired Kit Harington wielding an ax and looking ominously in the distance. Considering the plot, this can’t point to anything good…

As per Arclight Films, What Remains of Us has the following synopsis: “Set deep in rural England, the film is framed from the point of view of Harington’s character’s 10-year-old daughter (Caoilinn Springall). Behind the walls of her family’s isolated, fortified compound, she begins to question her unusual life. She discovers that once a month her father turns into a monster. Her parents say the monster is nothing to be afraid of but when the monster escapes, the girl has to confront the harsh reality of her father’s identity and make a life-altering decision.” Kit Harington plays father to Springall (The Midnight Sky), while Ashleigh Cummings plays the mother. The supporting cast also includes James Cosmo who, like Harrington, also appeared in HBO’s Game of Thrones, playing Jeor Mormont.

What Remains of Us has already concluded production in England. No release date has been announced.

What Remains of Us marks the directorial debut of Alexander J. Farrell, who previously helmed the 2018 documentary Refugee); he co-wrote the screenplay with Butterfly Kisses and Spitball scribe Greer Ellison.

With What Remains of Us, fans of Kit Harington will get a different side of the actor, who has barely dabbled in the horror genre. Still, he does seem to want to get acquainted, starring in Baby Ruby, which premiered at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival. Outside of Game of Thrones, Harington entered another franchise in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, appearing in 2021’s Eternals as Dane Whitman aka Black Knight, who we know will not be crossing over into the Blade movie. Harrington will continue to remain loyal to the role that made him famous, though, as he is set to star in a Jon Snow-centric spin-off. He will soon appear in season three of Industry, which airs on HBO in the United States and BBC Two in the United Kingdom.

Are you looking forward to What Remains of Us? How do you think Kit Harrington will continue to do in the horror genre? Give us your thoughts below!

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