Jaws 2: Lost scene discovered on Brazilian VHS

A lost scene from Jaws 2 has been discovered on a Brazilian VHS! The scene shows the recovery of the ill-fated divers’ underwater camera

2023 marks the 45th anniversary of the release of Jaws 2 (watch it HERE), the most well-regarded of the Jaws sequels. So it seems quite appropriate that a cool Jaws 2 discovery had been made this year: The Daily Jaws has found a long-lost scene from the film, and the only known footage of this scene comes from a Brazilian VHS! This leads me to believe that the scene was probably always included in the Brazilian home video release of Jaws 2, but that’s not completely clear from the report on The Daily Jaws.

What we do know is that Jaws 2 begins with a pair of divers being attacked by a shark while checking out the sunken wreckage of the Orca boat from the first movie. Later in the film, Deputy Hendricks (Jeffrey Kramer) is shown to have retrieved the underwater camera that was dropped by the divers. In this lost footage, we actually get to see the camera being located and being brought up from the bottom of the ocean. You can watch this deleted (but apparently not deleted in Brazil) scene in the embed at the bottom of this article, where it’s presented with both Portuguese dubbing and with the dialogue removed.

Directed by Jeannot Szwarc from a screenplay written by Carl Gottlieb and Howard Sackler, Jaws 2 has the following synopsis: It’s been four years since that marauding great white shark terrorized the small summer resort of Amity; but the shark that Police Chief Brody destroyed wasn’t the only one in the ocean! The same heart-stopping suspense and gripping adventure that enthralled movie audiences throughout the world in Jaws returns in this worthy sequel to that film classic.

The film stars Roy Scheider, Lorraine Gary, Murray Hamilton, Joseph Mascolo, Jeffrey Kramer, Collin Wilcox, Ann Dusenberry, Mark Gruner, Susan French, Barry Coe, Gary Springer, Donna Wilkes, Gary Dubin, John Dukakis, G. Thomas Dunlop, David Elliott, Marc Gilpin, Keith Gordon, Cynthia Grover, Ben Marley, Martha Swatek, Billy Van Zandt, Gigi Vorgan, Fritzi Jane Courtney, Al Wilde, Cyprian R. Dube, Jerry M. Baxter, Jean Coulter, Christine Freeman, Herb Muller, David Owsley, and Susan Owsley McMillan.

Were you aware of this “lost scene” from Jaws 2? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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