Jason Universe: Multi-platform expansion of Friday the 13th franchise coming from Horror Inc.

While A24 and Peacock are reworking the Friday the 13th series Crystal Lake, the franchise is set to expand into the Jason Universe

A24 and Peacock may be taking some time to figure out a new direction for their Friday the 13th series Crystal Lake, which recently lost showrunner Bryan Fuller, but the franchise rights holders at Horror Inc. have let it be known that Friday the 13th fans have a lot to look forward to as the rest of 2024 plays out. Through an exclusive report on IGN, Horror Inc. has announced that they’re launching Jason Universe. As for what exactly that is, IGN explains, “New Friday the 13th activations will span a wide range of platforms from entertainment, games, immersive experiences, merchandise and more to be announced throughout 2024 via @JasonUniverse13 on social media or by visiting the official Jason Universe website.”

As fans know, the Friday the 13th franchise was recently bogged down for several years due to a copyright lawsuit involving the original film’s director / producer Sean S. Cunningham and screenwriter Victor Miller. That court battle ended with Miller being awarded the U.S. copyright to the original film. The rest of the franchise rights are in the hands of Horror Inc., which is headed up by Robert Barsamian. Miller, Barsamian, and Miller’s lawyer Marc Toberoff are working together on the Friday the 13th “activations” that make up this new Jason Universe.

Robert Barsamian, President of Horror, Inc., provided the following statement: “For decades, Jason shocked and thrilled audiences who kept coming back for more. We’re excited to work with Victor Miller and Marc Toberoff on new projects we’ll announce in the coming months.

Robbie Barsamian, VP of Horror, Inc., added: “We’re focused on honoring the legacy while elevating the fan experience and appealing to today’s horror audiences as we develop new ways to watch, interact and engage with the Jason Universe.

And Sheri Conn, Global GM of Horror, Inc., had this to say: “With the unique ability to remain at the forefront of pop culture for 44 years, Jason continues to top charts as one of the scariest villains of all time with strong global awareness across multiple generations thanks to billions of TikTok views plus millions and millions of gamers and movie fans. We can’t wait to introduce new Jason Universe activations to these amazing fans.

So we don’t know exactly what’s coming down the line just yet, but it’s good to see some new life being breathed into the Friday the 13th franchise nonetheless. While we wait to see what’s going to make up the Jason Universe, it’s time to sign up for the official newsletter and start following the Jason Universe social media accounts.

Are you a Friday the 13th fan? What do you think of this Jason Universe announcement? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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