Jagged Mind trailer: Maisie Richardson-Sellers and Shannon Woodward star in a twisted psychological thriller

Maisie Richardson-Sellers and Shannon Woodward star as lovers building the perfect life in Hulu’s disturbing Jagged Mind trailer

If someone offered you the perfect life, would you take it? In Kelley Kali’s Jagged Mind trailer, Maisie Richardson-Sellers and Shannon Woodward embark on a seemingly ideal courtship before a sinister motive reveals a dark secret that could cost them their sanity and lives.

The horror feature starring Maisie Richardson-Sellers and Shannon Woodward comes from 20th Century Studios and Hulu OriginalsJagged Mind premieres at the American Black Film Festival in Miami Beach on June 14. Shortly after that, the disturbing tale of love gone wrong premieres exclusively on Hulu on June 15 and Disney+ internationally at a later date.

Kelley Kali (I’m Fine (Thanks for Asking) directs Jagged Mind, a psychological thriller about a woman plagued by blackouts and strange visions that lead her to discover she’s stuck in a series of time loops, possibly related to her mysterious new girlfriend. Maisie Richardson-Sellers (DC’s Legends of TomorrowThe Originals) stars as Billie, alongside Shannon Woodward (WestworldRaising Hope) as her girlfriend, Alex.

Jagged Mind is based on the short film First Date, which is included in the first season of 20th Digital Studio’s Bite Size Halloween. Allyson Morgan (Sitting) wrote the script. David Worthen Brooks, Arbi Pedrossian, and Jenna Cavelle executive produce. Kelley Kali and Congyu E also serve as producers, with Daniela Ruiz producing through Palabra Productions.

The Jagged Mind trailer presents a demoralizing story about manipulation and gaslighting. Striving for perfection in a relationship is commendable, though anyone who’s been in one long enough will tell you they’re messy and unpredictable. Navigating the mess and discovering what works is part of the journey. The thought of someone hitting a reset button when things don’t go as planned is terrifying. Billie is about to learn Alex could be responsible for her blackouts in the interest of building the perfect life. What kind of damage is Alex causing Billie? Is Billie on the verge of losing her life after having her mind mucked with by someone who claims to love her? Imagine the therapy bills!

What do you think about today’s Jagged Mind trailer? Will Billie fight back after she discovers Alex’s deception? Let us know in the comments section.

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