Interviews: Harold Perrineau and the cast of From discuss the second season of the MGM+ series

The cast of the MGM+ horror series From talks about the deepening mythology and chills in store this season.

From The Twilight Zone to The X-Files, viewers have always been drawn to the creepy and scary. Horror and science fiction have long been capable of telling fantastic tales that are eerie parallels to the real world. When these stories feature monsters and ghosts, we can distance ourselves from the tale. But, when the stories are very close to possible realities, they take on even more frightening potential. While many series try to click with audiences, most fall flat, but one series seems to have found the balance of what viewers want out of these types of stories.

In the great tradition of Lost and Fringe, MGM+ serial thriller series From has improved upon its first season with even more supernatural chills and character development. Telling the story of strangers pulled to a mysterious town from which them cannot escape, From has teased out little answers to the big questions of what has been going on in the sinister town the ensemble are trapped in. This season has introduced even more new characters while still delving into the relevance as to why each of them has been brought to the quaint rural prison they find themselves in.

I recently chatted with several cast of From about returning for a second season. Elizabeth Saunders, who plays Colony House leader Donna, talked about why she loves playing her character and why she feels audiences are drawn to series like this. Scott McCord, who plays Victor, discussed his growing role in the series’s mythology. Catalina Sandino Moreno and Eion Bailey, who pay Tabitha and Jim Matthews, talked about the physical challenges this season and what working with different actors was like. Lead star Harold Perrineau, who plays Sheriff Boyd Stevens, talked about the future of From and where this season is heading. Check out the full interviews in the embed above.

Season two of From premiered on April 21st on MGM+.

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