Interview: Danny and Michael Philippou (aka RackaRacka) chat Talk To Me

We talk with directing duo Michael and Danny Philippou about their latest supernatural horror flick, Talk To Me

When I sat down for a screening of the latest horror thriller, Talk To Me, I wasn’t expecting the sheer intensity of this supernatural fright flick. Having not watched the trailer – it’s something I try to avoid for movies I am particularly interested in – I was still determining what to expect—after the hilarious and charming introduction to the film from directing duo Danny and Michael Philippou, also known for their RackaRacka Youtube Channel. The intro was funny and delightful, and the movie is deadly serious about the horrors on display. While not over-the-top violent, Talk To Me is a vicious and visceral feature film. Long after my viewing, many images from it have stuck with me. Believe the hype on this one.

I sat down with Danny and Michael a few weeks back to discuss their latest. The two are incredibly charming and a pleasure to chat with, discussing the horrors on display. The two revealed the inspiration for one of the most harrowing moments, one that is seared into my membrane. It’s been a while since a film like this can leave me shaken, and this did. The two also discussed the inspiration for the film and finding the right cast to tell their story. As cliched and predictable as this could have been, the two have crafted a feature that manages to get under your skin, and sometimes it doesn’t let up. Talk To Me is unsettling, original, bleak, and one of the year’s best horror films (read our review). Check it out this Friday at a theatre near you.

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