Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny: Harrison Ford talks returning to the role, “When it works, it’s magic”

Harrison Ford is done with Star Wars, but also has presented the finale to his other iconic role at the Cannes Film Festival.

The fifth and final entry of the coveted Indiana Jones franchise has been unveiled at the Cannes Film Festival and won the Palme d’Or. Okay, okay. It actually received an honorary Palme d’Or as a surprise, but Harrison Ford still says that the feeling of the world premiere yesterday was “indescribable.” After the divisive fourth installment of the series with Spielberg’s last outing as the director, it was nearly unthinkable that they would try to attempt a fifth one with Ford’s ever increasing age, since the adventures of an explorer is physically demanding.

The Hollywood Reporter has recently reported on Ford’s reaction to this surreal experience as he also received a special career tribute at the world premiere on Thursday. He described seeing the compilation of his decades of work as “extraordinary.” Talking to the press, Ford adds, “The warmth of this place, and the sense of community…the welcome is just unimaginable. And it makes me feel good.” Ford was asked by a reporter if he’s able to let go of Indy, and “Why now?” Harrison joked, “Is it not evident? (gesturing to physique) But I love to work and I love this character and I love what it brought into my life.”

The Henry Jones Jr. actor adds, “I wanted to see completion of the five, I wanted to round out the story.” Director and co-writer James Mangold would chime in, “There’s so many expectations upon a film like this and you’ll only achieve some of them, because everyone has their own dear version of Indiana Jones, and there’s no way you’re ever going to please everyone. But you also have the other hesitation of such a legendary crew of the greatest of film producing, acting, scoring team. I was trying to understand the most honest way that I could make a movie that also felt like mine. You know, I saw Raiders of the Lost Ark when I was 17 years old in an upstate New York mall on opening day and it’s one of the reasons I’m a movie director.”

Ford would conclude his sentiments by saying he thought Mangold made a beautiful film. When describing what it was like to revisit the role one last time, Ford expounded, “There’s a little myth and a little magic — and they all belong in the same box. And when it works, it’s fucking magic.”

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny will ride into theaters on June 30.

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