IMAX boasts their 2025 slate as their biggest ever that have been filmed specially for the format

The theater experience got bigger when IMAX became a more common Hollywood format. Now, more IMAX cameras are being utilized in upcoming movies.

Last Updated on May 24, 2024

While 3D cinema had come and gone in popularity, one premium screen that was made popular by Christopher Nolan’s attempt to use the technology is IMAX. Originally, the special cameras and format were meant for nature & science documentaries. The picture quality was unlike any that was seen before in order to capture the immense detail in every facet of the natural life on Earth. Then, Nolan had taken to using it for his blockbuster sequel, The Dark Knight, and crews of camera operators and projectionists would have to learn to utilize the practice for general audience movies.

The format has since taken off and has become a more luxurious and immersive way to watch a movie. This is especially if the film were a special effects-laden narrative that aims to take you on a journey onto a bigger plane. The practice has become more and more common in Hollywood with their big movies, and after last year’s Oppenheimer and this year’s Dune: Part Two, the appeal looks to be just as strong as ever. Deadline reports that the company has unveiled its 2025 slate of films and the output doubles any year in their history.

The 2025 movies filmed with IMAX cameras will include:
Captain America: Brave New World (Disney/Marvel) 
Untitled Ryan Coogler/Michael B. Jordan film (WB)
Thunderbolts (Disney/Marvel) 
Flowervale Street (WB)
Mission: Impossible 8 (Paramount) 
How To Train Your Dragon (Universal)
Untitled Formula One (Apple/Distributor TBC)
Superman (WB/DC)
The Fantastic Four (Disney/Marvel)
Mercy (MGM/Amazon)
The Bride! (WB)
TRON: Ares (Disney)
Blade (Disney/Marvel)
Chinese New Year, title TBC

IMAX CEO Richard Gelfond would respond to the recent figure that one in every five tickets are an IMAX purchase, “We always knew Imax was a very valuable proposition to audiences. It took longer than we had hoped for it to spill out in a dramatic way.” He added, “IMAX is becoming as much about excellence in production as it is presentation of the biggest blockbuster filmmaking. Quite simply, audiences get that if you see a movie filmed for IMAX in IMAX, you’re getting the best, most immersive cinematic experience money can buy, which is why we’re driving a huge share of the global box office on these titles.”

The future looks bright as IMAX is also in the process of developing and finalizing the release of four next-generation 15/65mm film cameras. The new technological equipment is on track to beta test their early prototypes this year, possibly in August. They are also expecting the new cameras to enter production by the end of the year.

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