House of Stairs: Jacob Tremblay takes the lead in William Sleator adaptation

Jacob Tremblay of Room and The Predator has signed on to star in the William Sleator adaptation House of Stairs

AC Independent and The Veterans are working together to bring an adaptation of William Sleator’s science fiction novel House of Stairs to the screen, and Variety reports that Jacob Tremblay (The Predator) has signed on to star in the film. Production is expected to take place in Canada later this year.

Wi Ding Ho (Cities of Last Things) is on board to direct House of Stairs from a screenplay by Matthew McInerney-Lacombe (the upcoming disaster film ICBM). The story is set in a dystopian America in the near future and follows five 16-year-old orphans who wake up to find themselves in a strange building with no walls, no ceiling, and no floor: nothing but endless flights of stairs leading in every direction, seemingly infinite. To find an exit, the five teenagers must learn to deal with the others’ disparate personalities, the lack of privacy and comfort, their clear helplessness, and a machine that only feeds them under increasingly ominous situations.

The film is being produced by Michael Solomon of Band With Pictures, Alexis Perrin of Rumble Fish, and Benoit Roland of 10.80 Films. Nick Shumaker, David Levine, and Garrett Kembell serve as executive producers for Anonymous Content alongside Noëmie Devide, Kim Fox, and Vincent Maraval of The Veterans, and Adrian Love and Jeremy Smith of Elevation Pictures.

Solomon and Perrin provided the following statement: “William Sleator’s books have inspired generations of young readers. We are honored to be taking House of Stairs, the first adaptation of his work, to the big screen. With Wi Ding Ho’s cinematic vision, and Matthew McInerney-Lacombe’s screenplay, building on the ever-expanding universe of Sleator’s novel, we have a vehicle to thrill and entertain. We also look forward to casting the next generation of talents around Jacob Tremblay.

Shumaker and Devide said the story “builds on a lineage of Orwellian inspired YA stories from Lord of the Flies to Hunger Games. We are excited to begin to explore the vast universe of House of Stairs with this first film, and see Wi Ding expand his world building tableau to present this visionary story to worldwide audiences, young and old.

Note that they said they want to explore “the vast universe” of this story – yes, they are hoping that House of Stairs will kick off a franchise.

Have you read William Sleator’s House of Stairs novel? What do you think of it getting the film treatment with Jacob Tremblay in the lead? Share your thoughts on this one by leaving a comment below.

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