Frasier: new posters for the sequel series revealed

Frasier: new posters for the sequel series revealed

New posters for the Frasier sequel series tease a new adventure for Kelsey Grammar’s Dr. Crane.

Is anyone in the mood for tossed salad and scrambled eggs? Kelsey Grammar’s Dr. Frasier Crane is on the move, with him heading back to his old Boston stomping grounds for the much-anticipated Paramount Plus sequel series. With the show set to make its streaming debut on October 12th, the streamer has released two new posters teasing Frasier’s move from Seattle to Boston, where he hops to reconnect with his son Freddy (Jack Cutmore-Scott). 

As the trailers revealed, Fraiser winds up reconnecting with an old university pal, played by iconic Nicholas Lyndhurst, who may not be all that well-known in North America but is a massive star in the UK thanks to his long-running role on the TV series Only Fools and Horses. While David Hyde Pierce declined the opportunity to reprise his role as Niles (for now), Peri Gilpin is set to return as Frasier’s old producer, Roz, while Bebe Neuwirth returns as the doc’s ex-wife, Lilith. And, of course, being established in Boston, there’s a good chance Fraiser could take a stroll to a bar where everybody knows your name, right?

However, the show is set to center around Fraiser’s interactions with a new, younger cast, including Anders Keith as David, Niles and Daphne Moon’s son (hopefully Jane Leeves shows up at some point). Given the trailers, it seems like Fraiser ends up teaching at his old Boston alma mater, which could open the show up interestingly, with the pompous Crane facing a new generation of wanna-be psychiatrists. While a Frasier sequel series without Niles and Daphne wasn’t something I ever really wanted (as a long-time fan of both the original show and Cheers), the fact that original director James Burrows is back at the helm of a few episodes makes me hopeful.

Check out the new posters below:

frasier reboot poster 2

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