Fall 2 will be directed by the Spierig Brothers

Daybreakers and Jigsaw directors the Spierig Brothers are taking the helm of Fall 2, which starts filming next month

Director Scott Mann’s thriller Fall, which stars Grace Caroline Currey (Shazam!: Fury of the Gods) and Virginia Gardner (Halloween 2018) as a pair of characters who get stuck at the top of a 2000 foot tall radio tower, was given a theatrical release, but it wasn’t really a break-out hit. It made $21 million worldwide, on a budget of $3 million. More viewers watched it on Amazon, purchased it on Blu-ray or DVD (order it HERE), or caught it on Starz or Netflix… and Fall was so successful on Netflix, it was enough to get back-to-back sequels greenlit by Capstone Studios! Mann will be writing and directing Fall 3 himself, but he has decided to hand the helm of the middle installment of this trilogy over another director. Or, as it turns out, other directors. Capstone Studios’ CEO Christian Mercuri has announced that Fall 2 is set to be directed by the filmmaking duo of Michael and Peter Spierig – a.k.a. The Spierig Brothers!

Mercuri is producing the Fall sequels with Mark Lane and James Harris of Tea Shop Productions, David Haring, and Scott Mann via the Flawless banner. Dan Asma, John Long, and Roman Viaris serve as executive producers with Capstone’s Ruzanna Kegeyan. Capstone is providing the financing, and have Fall 2 scheduled to begin filming in June.

The Spierig Brothers provided the following statement: “We’re extremely excited to helm the second installment of this franchise and bring to life another nail biting, vertigo inducing thrill ride.

Mann added: “I am so proud to hand over the reins to the Spierigs, two highly respected genre directors whose addition will undoubtedly make this follow-up even more of a must-see experience than we already knew it would be. I can’t wait for Flawless to work alongside them, and the rest of our fantastic filmmaking team, to take the Fall franchise to epic new heights.

Details on the plot and characters have not been revealed, but we do know that Fall 2 and Fall 3 will bring back original characters from the first film, while also leaving room for new ones to be introduced. Mann has written the script for Fall 2 with Jonathan Frank, his co-writer on the first film.

A press release includes information on the Spierig Brothers: “Michael and Peter Spierig are best known for Lionsgate’s Winchester starring Helen Mirren and Sarah Snook and Jigsaw, the eighth film in the Saw series, one of the most successful franchises ever produced. Additional credits include Daybreakers starring Ethan Hawke and Willem Dafoe, Predestination starring Ethan Hawke and Sarah Snook, and the award-winning zombie film Undead.

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