Doug creator Jim Jenkins shares concept art for his pitch of a sequel series

Doug may be singing “Killer Tofu” once again if Jim Jenkins can garner enough interest for his idea of a new series he titled Doug Kids.

One of the most endearing cartoons for kids who grew up in the 90s is Nickelodeon’s Doug. Doug is like an animated version of The Wonder Years, where our timid but well-intentioned teenage protagonist, Doug Funnie, journeys through his high school development years with his unique family, his best buddy, Skeeter Valentine and his dog, Porkchop. Doug also has his high school crush, Patti Mayonnaise, whom he constantly tries to impress. And of course, no high school experience would be complete without a bully. Doug has the misfortune of getting consistently targeted by Roger Klotz.

As a laundry list of past shows get revivals, reports that the show’s creator, Jim Jenkins, has revealed his ideas for a sequel series in an interview on YouTube with Tenn Buick. Jenkins explains, “Here’s what I wish would happen. Doug turns 33 years old [this year], something like that, so if you think about that, the fans of Doug have grown up. Maybe some of them have gotten married. Maybe some of them have kids. So, the idea of bringing Doug back now, I think has real power in it.” Jenkins unveiled his idea for Doug Kids, which would follow the two offspring of Doug and Patti as they have their own adventures in Bluffington, but all the classic characters would still make appearances.

Jenkins named the new Funnie siblings Yancey and Doug Jr. After showing his concept art in the video, Jenkins continued to explain, “This is what those characters look like now. In this world, Doug does marry Patti, and he has two kids. It’s a way for the kids to be the stars of the show, but [the original characters are] all still there, and they all, for various reasons, converged back to Bluffington.” He also states that the pitch hasn’t been officially made, “It’s not going to happen because I’m still trying to figure out who’s going to say yes to this.” However, the news gained traction thanks to the additional reporting on The DisInsider, a Disney news site, whereas Doug migrated from Nickelodeon to Disney on ABC’s One Saturday Morning. It’s likely the show would be a Disney+ original in the same vein as Doug‘s former programming peer, Rugrats, which would have its own revival on Paramount+.

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