Could YouTube content be eligible for Emmys?

YouTube CEO Neal Mohan is making the case that YouTube videos and content creators should be eligible for Emmy Awards.

Last Updated on May 24, 2024

I Rented Out The Peacock Theater in Los Angeles So I Could Hijack The Primetime Emmy Awards – Check Out What Happened Next! We could very well be seeing videos like that invade the Emmy Awards – that is, if YouTube gets its way, as CEO Neal Mohan said that web content should be considered for Emmy Awards. So smash that like and subscribe, guys!

In an op-ped piece for The Hollywood Reporter, Mohan said that YouTube plays a major role in our society and that content creators are far more innovative and hard-working than one might figure. “If you think creators are just recording vlogs from their bedrooms, then I have some big news. Creators have writers’ rooms, production teams, and business strategies. They’re developing programming that’s not just popular and relevant – it’s breaking boundaries.”

So, why should the Emmys bother with YouTube when something like the Webby Awards has been around for nearly three decades? According to Mohan, it’s all about keeping up with what’s hip. “Some might argue that broadening the Primetime Emmys to include consideration of creators would detract from its storied history or lessen its cultural significance. But recognizing the work of creators is the best way for the Television Academy to continue its legacy of honoring modern culture, while also building a bridge to the next generation of viewers.” Indeed, Primetime Emmy ratings have been on the decline, hitting yet another all-time low for the 75th annual ceremony. Hey, if the Emmys want to go ahead and nominate our own 900k+-subscriber channel, we wouldn’t stop them!

But not everything Mohan says quite tracks. Outside of name-dropping some of YouTube’s biggest catches – like MrBeast and Sean Evans, whose Hot Ones show has proven to be one of the most heralded interview shows running – he tried to finagle how we consume most of our video content. As he claimed, “The Emmys are a celebration of the best of television, and they should reflect what viewers are actually watching on their TV screens,” clearly not considering that it’s pretty rare for anybody to watch the latest PewDiePie exposé on their 4K flatscreen; no, they’re watching it on their phones. 

And while Mohan does have a passion to bring YouTube to the Emmy stage, he might have been unwise to touch on one of the industry’s most debated, hot-button topics: the use of artificial intelligence, which more than likely won’t help him drum up support for his cause. “As we enter a new era driven by AI, creators continue to lead the way. They’re jumping in to make the most of this moment even as traditional studios are still navigating the path forward. Creators see AI’s potential to amplify, augment, and scale their creativity.”

Do you think YouTube and content creators should be eligible for Emmy Awards? Give us your take in the comments section below, and who knows? Maybe our staff and JoBlo Originals and Horror Originals could make their way to the podium some day!

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