Co-Founders of D28 Productions Launch Social Media Campaign #Reclaimingourhistory, Highlighting Breakthrough Docuseries Film ‘Reclaiming the Throne’ for Red Carpet Movie Premiere During Black History Month

ANDERSON, S.C., Feb. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Two months after the official release of “Reclaiming the Throne,” a three-part docuseries produced by D28 Productions, executive producers Joshua Cullins and Morris Williams Jr., are preparing for their red carpet movie premiere on March 19, 2023, following the month-long celebration of Black History Month.

“We are very excited to share what we believe is unique about our film. Black history Month is the perfect opportunity to set the record straight concerning the Black American pre-slavery identity,” said Cullins. “We were very deliberate in changing how we commemorate the month-long observance, and we hope that others will join us in our efforts to reclaim our history.”

The red carpet event will begin at 5 pm on March 19th, followed by a viewing of the film’s first episode at 7 pm at Spotlight Cinemas Capital 8, Set 22, in Columbia, S.C. The event will include a Q&A session with the directors and producers, live music, vendors, photos, and more. Guests interested in attending are asked to dress in their most modest African attire.

Running through the end of February in light of Black History Month, the #Reclaimingourhistory social media campaign has garnered a huge response with over 2 million views, thanks to social media influencers creating, posting, and sharing content to promote the debut film.

“Black Americans know that there are certain aspects of their lives that are known and understood generationally, but the one thing that has remained unknown is their history,” added Williams. “By eloquently telling this story in our docuseries, we can honor the past by answering these pre-slavery identity questions about the African diaspora. Our history didn’t begin with the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.” Cullins/Williams Jr. hope to shift the focus of Black History Month from solely celebrating the same stories centered on the same notable leaders, but rather emphasize and embrace the rich and powerful pre-slavery heritage masked by indoctrination.

Released in December 2022, “Reclaiming the Throne” addresses the undocumented history of the descendants of the African diaspora and answers the question, “Who are we?” Narrated by Joshua Cullins a very clever and engaging historian, this powerful and entertaining film sheds light on the ancestry of the most extensive enforced transportation of enslaved people during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and the years of perpetual exile, oppression, and captivity that followed. An eye-opening culmination of historical documents and facts that speaks to the true identity and tribulations of Black Americans, “Reclaiming the Throne” undoes the editing and erasure of ancient Hebraic history.

Initially streaming for free on Tubi, “Reclaiming the Throne” has since been released on Amazon and Vimeo. D28 is also in partnership with a major distribution company to gain access to additional streaming platforms.

About D28 Productions:

D28 is a full-service production company established by Morris Williams Jr. and Joshua Cullins in 2017. Relying on extensive ancient research and modern technology, D28 produces feature-length films and television for adults and children and music and children’s books from its in-house publisher, Sapharim. Pioneering the Hebraic content of the independent filmmaking industry, D28 provides accurate and true biblical and historical stories that have long been underrepresented.

Media Contact:

Daphne Herrick, Executive Global Marketing Officer
D28 Productions
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Co-Founders of D28 Productions Launch Social Media Campaign #Reclaimingourhistory, Highlighting Breakthrough Docuseries Film ‘Reclaiming the Throne’ for Red Carpet Movie Premiere During Black History Month

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