Chris Hemsworth talks about Thor 4 and Marvel criticisms from high-profile filmmakers

MCU actor Chris Hemsworth talks Thor 4, Marvel criticisms, and the disappointment of hearing your favorite filmmakers don’t like your movies.

When Thor: Love and Thunder debuted to mixed reactions, some of Hollywood’s high-profile creators once again dogpiled on the superhero genre, framing themselves as villains in the eyes of diehard Marvel fans. Hollywood legends like Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino said plenty about the MCU, with Tarantino saying the characters are the franchise stars, not the actors. Chris Hemsworth, who’s played Thor in the MCU for over a decade, took this criticism to heart and thinks it’s a shame some of his favorite people in the business would dismiss his performance.

“That’s super depressing when I hear that,” Hemsworth says about Scorsese and Tarantino ripping into the MCU while speaking with GQ. “There goes two of my heroes I won’t work with. I guess they’re not a fan of me.” Still, Hemsworth sees the bigger picture from a unique vantage point. He thinks about his time as Thor as well spent, with the MCU contributing heavily to keeping cinema afloat during trying times. “I’m thankful that I have been a part of something that kept people in cinemas. Now, whether or not those films were to the detriment of other films, I don’t know,” he says. “I don’t love when we start scrutinising each other when there’s so much fragility in the business and in this space of the arts as it is… I say that less to the directors who made those comments, who are all, by the way, still my heroes, and in a heartbeat I would leap to work with any of them. But I say it more to the broader opinion around that topic.”

Exhausted by his thoughts, Hemsworth adds, “I don’t think any of us have the answer, but we’re trying.”

Lately, Hemsworth has been questioning the trajectory of his career. It used to be that projects were lining up around the block. Now, he chooses his commitments more carefully, thinking about his mind, body, and family before signing on for another test of his endurance and spirit.

While Scorsese and Tarantino’s words sting, Hemsworth is down to keep playing Thor if another Marvel project comes along. “I love the experience,” Hemsworth says. “I love the fact that I’ve been able to do something fairly different throughout the process. Thor 1 and 2 were their own thing, Thor 3 and 4 were a very different feel… and then even Avengers, the Lebowski Thor, the Infinity War Thor, due to different directors and I think mostly my own need to do something different. You know, I got sick of the character pretty quick every couple of years,” he jokes.

Constantly surrounded by death, world-ending villains, and feeling like he doesn’t belong, Thor acquires a new purpose when he becomes a surrogate father to Love, the daughter of Gorr the God Butcher, at the end of Thor: Love and Thunder. Could Thor’s next adventure be a daddy-daughter team-up? I would love that. What would you like to see if Marvel makes another film or TV series featuring the God of Thunder? Let us know in the comments below.

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