Brie Larson wants to stay grounded in reality despite MCU stardom

Brie Larson may be part of both the MCU and the Fast & Furious franchise, but she would rather her life stay as close to reality as possible.

Despite joining two of the most consistent franchises in modern movies, the MCU and the Fast & Furious series, Brie Larson would actually rather fly less through the skies and down the highways than under the radar.

In a new profile by Harper’s Bazaar, MCU actress Brie Larson said she’s far more grounded than being a Hollywood star might suggest. “I want to be in reality. I love reality. It’s all I want..My biggest fear is to not be in reality. It matters so much to me. I don’t wear super-flashy clothes when I’m out in the world because I want to stay in reality. I’m very good at confrontation in my relationships because I want to be in reality. I want to be in what’s as close to what’s true as possible.”

As per the Harper’s Bazaar profile, she once said she enjoys anonymity—sort of like a real superhero trying to have a day off. “If I’m checking out at the grocery store, I don’t get recognized…I get ‘Are you friends with my cousin?’ I am the classic face of ‘friend of your cousin.’” Based on how Captain Marvel was received by MCU followers, Brie Larson may have been completely fine passing for “friend of your cousin.” Prior to release, “fans” dragged the movie’s Want to See percentage on Rotten Tomatoes down as far as 28%. As of now, it holds an audience score of 45%. Much of the former percentage has been attributed to online trolls who couldn’t handle a female leading a Marvel movie.

Still, Brie Larson will return to the MCU later this year, as she will reprise Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel for this fall’s The Marvels. She will co-star with Iman Vellani, reprising her own role as Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel, the titular character of the Disney+ show that sits as the least-watched MCU show on the streaming service.

MCU’s Phase Five installment The Marvels comes to theaters on November 10th (following a delay), while Brie Larson will join another franchise that should be hitting viewer fatigue any entry now when she straps in for Fast X, out May 19th.

How do you think Brie Larson has done in the MCU so far? Let us know in the comments section below!

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