Barry Season 4 trailer: Bill Hader is irredeemable in a hard-hitting look at the HBO drama’s final bow

HBO’s Barry Season 4 trailer finds Bill Hader’s iconic killer behind bars but still affecting the lives of others trapped in his web.

The curtain is closing on Barry, HBO‘s dark comedy series about a hit man from the Midwest who moves to Los Angeles and falls in love with the stage. HBO released its Barry Season 4 trailer on Wednesday, featuring Bill Hader’s irredeemable character losing his grip and creating chaos, even behind bars. The Emmy-winning series returns with the first of eight episodes on April 16, 2023, on HBO, with new episodes every Sunday until the May 28 series finale.

Here’s the official logline for Barry Season 4:

Cousineau (Henry Winkler) is hailed as a hero as Barry’s (Bill Hader) arrest has shocking consequences. It’s all been leading up to this – Barry’s explosive and hilarious final chapter.

That description isn’t much to go on. HBO may be trying not to spoil the events, but still, talk about crumbs. In HBO’s Barry Season 4 trailer, Barry (Bill Hader) is remorseful about his actions while rotting in prison. As Timber Timbre’s “Run From Me” plays, Barry loses his grip and begins punishing himself for past mistakes. While Barry stews in a mess of his own making, his friends and enemies try making a new path for themselves, away from Barry’s influence. However, even though Barry is in prison, the fallout from his actions is rippling through his old life. Soon, no one will be safe from the aftershocks.

The Emmy-nominated cast of regular players for Barry includes Stephen Root as Monroe Fuches, Sarah Goldberg as Sally Reed, Anthony Carrigan as Noho Hank, Henry Winkler as Gene Cousineau, and Robert Wisdom as Jim Moss. Returning recurring guest cast includes Michael Irby as Cristobal; Fred Melamed as Tom Posorro; Andrew Leeds as Leo; Jessy Hodges as Lindsay; new guest star Patrick Fischler as Lon Oneil.

Barry was created by Alec Berg and Bill Hader, executive produced by Bill Hader, Alec Berg, Aida Rodgers, and Liz Sarnoff, co-executive produced by Duffy Coudreau, and produced by Julie Camino. Hader directs all eight episodes of Barry Season 4.

Are you excited about Barry Season 4? Will the series end on a high note? Let us know in the comments section!

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