THIRA Health Jump-Starts Its Adolescent Residential Treatment Program

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Bellevue, Washington-based mental wellness center THIRA Health is excited to announce the launch of its Adolescent Residential Treatment Program that aims to help 13- to 17-year-olds struggling with anxiety, depression, and self-harm and trauma-related disorders.

The adolescent residential treatment program is built upon creative, innovative, and actionable ways of navigating treatment. With a team of experienced practitioners, this program offers round-the-clock guidance on DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) onboarding to support participants on their journey as they build coping skills that can cultivate long-term, meaningful life changes. 

The program also includes a series of unique support such as:

  • Individualized family engagement sessions
  • Weekly multi-family skills training reviews
  • Individual therapy sessions with a DBT-trained therapist
  • Comprehensive nutrition program which will be overseen by Registered Dieticians
  • Daily emotional and physical health support by registered nurses and certified nursing assistants
  • Psychiatric medication with a team of psychiatrists and expert nurse prescribers
  • Expressive Arts with registered art therapists
  • Academics with a certified teacher
  • Mindfulness groups (including mindful movement, yoga, and qigong)
  • Therapeutic outings, equine-assisted learning, and volunteering to foster participants' sense of connection and belongingness

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About THIRA Health

THIRA Health is led by a team of experts with collective experience exceeding 100 years and a dedication to helping people strive for a life worth living. Dr. Mehri Moore is our founder and Dr. Kathryn Korslund is our CEO — both doctors guide a team of 100+ clinical and support staff. 

THIRA Health provides services ranging from residential for adolescents to intensive outpatient for ages 13+. Our commitment to the rigor of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy combined with innovative supportive treatments and medication management ensures top-tier treatment for women, teen girls and gender non-conforming individuals. 

Contact Information:
Sarah Skoterro
Director of Business Development
[email protected]

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