theSkimm’s State of Women Report 2023: Facing Persistent Gender Inequities, Women Are Mobilizing to Rewrite Rules and Create Their Own Momentum

New research conducted by The Harris Poll shows women see the need to create their own solutions for financial and emotional well-being.

Women believe society expects too much from them while not respecting them enough - but are taking steps to change that. That is the central finding of research conducted by The Harris Poll Thought Leadership and Futures Practice on behalf of theSkimm's new State of Women Report 2023

Released during Women's History Month, the report investigates and surfaces how women see the work they do, both in their careers and in the home, and how society perceives that work. The report addresses how brands need to do a better job at understanding the context of women's lives, and demonstrates that while gaps persist, women are gaining influence and mobilizing to create their own futures.

"Women are in crisis - but that's not new or news - because that's how it's been for decades. theSkimm's State of Women initiative is our proof point. Our goal is to highlight not just what hasn't been working for women, but also - and more importantly - how the systems in place were never designed to support women in the first place," said theSkimm's co-founders and co-CEOs, Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg. 

"We're not going to sit back and continue to watch it happen," they continued. "Instead, this initiative gives perspective on how the mindset of women has shifted. And as the go-to resource for millennial women, theSkimm is right there with her, offering her the information she needs to not just clear her plate but to redesign the systems to make sure she is seen, heard and valued in every aspect of her life."

The research, which is based on two studies and comprised 4,500 women, has been featured on the Today Show and reveals the harsh realities that women continue to face.

  • 74% say, "society treats women like second-class citizens" and the "deck is stacked against women."
  • 79% say, "I am concerned with the social expectations around unpaid labor/mental load that women are responsible for." 
  • 65% say, "new legislation and policies that are being passed do not advance women's rights."

"Recognizing the burden on women and equity gaps is not enough; it's time to take fundamental action steps to forge a more prosperous future together," Libby Rodney, chief strategy officer at The Harris Poll Thought Leadership and Futures Practice, said. "The data tells us that women see a system working against their best interests, from healthcare to policy changes to support structures."

"However, women are not going quietly into the night," Rodney said. According to the report, women across the U.S. are mobilizing, rewriting rules, and creating momentum around social change to flip inequities and build a better future together.

Here are some of the highlights of how women are making or planning to make changes:

  • 89% are planning to redesign their lives the way they want to.
  • 87% have or want to create more sources of financial stability, with 60% adding a side hustle, shifting to a higher-earning career, or advocating for a promotion.
  • 65% (or 74% among Black women) have gotten involved, or plan to, in national politics.
  • 76% are more active, or want to get more involved, in their local community at schools, local politics, and small businesses.

"Instead of resignation, they are exhibiting agency, and a willingness to make tough choices to secure their own futures," Abbey Lunney, managing director at The Harris Poll Thought Leadership and Futures Practice, said. "This year alone, women have reached new highs around representation within Congress, the C-Suite, on boards, and as entrepreneurs. In the next seven years, women are projected to control up to $30 trillion in financial assets. And there is still a lot of work to do!"

How can executives, policymakers, and employers offer women meaningful support and opportunity? By being more candid and offering practical and functional support, doubling down on long-term commitments, and putting the spotlight on women's issues and women-owned businesses.

"Women are fighting back to build a new and better future," Rodney said. "Most women (83% in the report) want to lead the way by writing the next chapter of what it is like to be a woman in America."

"The study shows that we all need to be a part of redesigning the future together," Lunney said. "Now is the time to listen to women and fight with them to get the changes that need to be made."

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Original Source: theSkimm's State of Women Report 2023: Facing Persistent Gender Inequities, Women Are Mobilizing to Rewrite Rules and Create Their Own Momentum

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