Survey: 1 in 3 People Say Cash Stuffing Trend is Helping Them Reach Money Goals

Amid high inflation, many Gen Zers and Millennials are turning to cash stuffing to manage their finances, according to a new Credello survey. Cash stuffing is a viral TikTok personal finance trend that consists of stuffing cash into different envelopes dedicated to spending categories such as buying groceries, paying off debt, savings, etc.

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Credello conducted an online survey in July 2022 using Pollfish and found that, among 600 adults (47.8% women, 52.2% men) aged 18-41, a little over 60% of respondents use cash stuffing to manage their finances, and over a third of respondents say it is an effective budgeting method for reaching financial milestones. 

Key highlights from Credello's 2022 survey on cash stuffing: 

  • 1 in 3 people find cash stuffing to be effective for saving towards a goal.
  • Nearly 29% of respondents find cash stuffing useful for controlling overspending.
  • 24.14% of respondents use cash stuffing to pay off debt.
  • People find out about cash stuffing through various sources - 36.44% of respondents got into it because of friends and family, and 29.48% of respondents found out about it through social media.
  • More than half of respondents still use credit cards in addition to cash stuffing.

Why cash stuffing is getting more popular 

Cash stuffing is an age-old hack, but it has gained traction through Instagram, TikTok, and the rise of personal finance influencers on social media. Education level seems to play a role in how people start using the method to manage their money. Those with middle school, high school or technical college education were more influenced by social media and TikTok than those with university and postgraduate education, who were mostly influenced by recommendations from friends and family. 

The current economic and social climate could also be to blame for the rise of cash stuffing - 14.10% of respondents said skepticism of the security of financial institutions and 15.18% said skepticism of using technology turned them on to cash stuffing. 

A worrying trend or useful finance hack? 

Credello's survey results confirm the increasing popularity of cash stuffing among younger people. They also reveal that people are making the habit work for them instead of looking at it as a one-size-fits-all solution: 24.55% of respondents use cash stuffing several times a week, while 17.21% only use it when they have a savings goal to reach. And nearly 44% of people use cash stuffing when they get their paycheck. 

People are finding cash stuffing beneficial for curbing their spending, saving towards a big financial goal and paying off debt. While 1 in 4 people say they are not worried about cash stuffing at all, some adopters have concerns. Inability to build or maintain a credit score is what some respondents (21.46%) were most worried about (11.67% of respondents don't have a credit card), while theft was the top-of-mind concern for most at 29.56%. Not being able to earn interest or invest worried nearly 25% of respondents. 

More than half of respondents still use their credit cards alongside cash stuffing, which goes to show that it's only one way of budgeting, saving and spending - and it could possibly complement other strategies. 

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