Should Borrowers Apply for Poor-Credit Loans Online or In Person?

iQuanti: When borrowers need cash fast, applying online could mean getting the funds they need quickly from the comfort of home. But there are also benefits to applying for a loan at a lender's store location, like additional guidance from representatives. Here are some benefits of applying for poor-credit loans online and in person, and what applicants should do to determine the best course of action for their needs and preferences.

The benefits of applying online

Applying for bad-credit online loans has become increasingly popular over the last few years for several good reasons:


Online platforms have become extremely good at streamlining the application process and determining if borrowers qualify for an online loan almost instantly. This means that from start to finish, the applicant could have the funds they need within a matter of minutes.


No longer does an applicant have to waste time traveling to a brick-and-mortar store and waiting in line among strangers. Instead, this entire process can be done from the safety and security of their own home via a computer or smartphone.

The benefits of applying in person

Of course, many major poor-credit loan providers also still have retail locations to serve those clients who prefer the help of a live representative. Here are a few reasons why someone would want to potentially go this route instead of applying online.


There are many different types of poor-credit loans, and selecting the right one can be overwhelming for some applicants. If the process seems daunting, in-store representatives can provide guidance and help customers choose an option that's right for them.

Better for those who don't want to apply online

Not everyone is great with computers and smartphones. Some applicants may not have easy access to an Internet connection. In these cases, going to a physical store location may be the better option. 

How to decide which method to use

Customers trying to decide between applying online or in person should ask themselves the following questions:

  • Does the borrower understand which type of poor-credit loan they have the best chance of qualifying for? If yes, then applying online may be suitable. However, applicants who have any doubts may prefer to apply in person so they can work more directly with a representative.
  • Is the borrower comfortable applying over a computer? If the applicant struggles with technology or simply doesn't have access to the Internet, then applying in person may be a better fit for them.
  • Does the borrower have everything they need to apply for this loan? Applicants who have access to all the necessary documentation can apply from the safety of their own homes. Those who are unsure may have to consult a representative in-store and possibly make multiple trips.

The bottom line

There are several advantages to applying for a poor credit loan online and in person. Online loans offer convenience, whereas applying in-person means working directly with a representative to provide the applicant with guidance. In the end, customers should consider their preferences and choose the route that makes them feel the most comfortable while also maximizing their chances of qualifying.

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Original Source: Should Borrowers Apply for Poor-Credit Loans Online or In Person? Should Borrowers Apply for Poor-Credit Loans Online or In Person?

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