Oooptic Releases Universal Magnetic Adhesive Prescription Lens

One OOOptic lens system saves you six pairs of expensive custom lenses and fits to your sunglasses, goggles, protective eyewear and many more.

Oooptic Releases Universal Magnetic Adhesive Prescription Lens
One lens for all

Oooptic lens could be magnetically attach to any eyewear of yours.

WASHINGTON - December 12, 2022 - (

Vision Council of America in April 2022 stated that 61% (177 million) of the U.S. population needs prescription glasses, and this figure extends to 64% of the adult world population needing to wear prescription glasses. This is both necessary and sometimes uncomfortable.

Oooptic produces the world's first Universal Magnetic Adhesive Prescription Lens System (patent pending). This innovative product is a smart prescription lens system that converts almost any eyewear to prescription eyewear in seconds. A standard Oooptic installation kit comes with 2 lenses that fits 6 eyewear of your choice.

Oooptic lens is constructed with high-quality polycarbonate that offers scratch resistance, UV protection, and lightweight (0.1g each) and blue light blocking features. The prescription lenses are attached to eyewear with powerful magnets with easy click-on and slide-off action. With its proprietary design, the lens replicates the opening of the eyes and can be positioned correctly to any eyewear using the lens positioning sheet, giving users the best accurate vision correction in the market without going to the optician.

With the Oooptic system, users don't need to swap out the original glasses with expensive custom prescription lenses; simply attach the lens behind the original glasses. The thin design ensures that users won't even feel it's there. This will save the users tons of money fitting multiple pairs of custom lenses over user's eyewear collection.

Forget about over-the-glass (OTG) options or made-to-order prescription inserts or long waits for custom prescription lenses. Now users can buy their favorite sunglasses, skiing mask, golf glasses, swimming goggles and VR headsets without worrying whether it has its own prescription options.

Head over to for Oooptic lenses and enjoy a 60 days money-back guarantee for the purchase. Limited time offer.

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