Mowi Commends Jim Freiss for His Philanthropic Pursuits and Extreme Athletic Achievements

Mowi Commends Jim Friess for His Philanthropic Pursuits and Extreme Athletic Achievements

Jim Freiss, Mowi Americas Corporate Engineer and Founder of Puppy Ride Long Island

Mowi,, proudly recognizes and celebrates the extraordinary accomplishments of Jim Freiss, a seasoned engineer and dedicated colleague, for his commendable efforts in engineering and beyond. Recently, Jim Freiss surpassed his limits by participating in the grueling MOAB 240 ultra-marathon, all for a noble cause.

The MOAB 240 is not for the faint-hearted. It challenges athletes to cover 240 miles across harsh desert terrain and two daunting mountain ranges, demanding a climb of over 31,000 ft, all to be completed in under 116 hours. Out of the 200 registered participants this year, only 112 saw the finish line. Amongst them was Freiss, who completed the run in 4 days, 14 hours, 3 minutes, and 41 seconds, securing the 84th position.

Freiss's motivation for such extreme challenges stems from his mantra, “Going the Distance for the Puppies!” Specifically, he runs and cycles to raise funds for Seeing Eye®, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to training special dogs that aid the visually impaired in leading more independent lives. Freiss has raised $45,000 this year alone through his athletic pursuits for The Seeing Eye, Inc.

Beyond his athletic accomplishments, Freiss attributes his success and drive to the support he receives from Mowi. "I've always felt a strong alignment with Mowi’s commitment to sustainability, health, athleticism, and community engagement. It’s been a great experience being part of an organization that resonates with my personal values," said Freiss.

The company is equally proud. "Jim’s achievements remind us of the power of personal commitment and how it can make a world of difference. We're honored to have him as part of our Mowi family," said Joe Fidalgo, Mowi CP of Americas - Managing Director.

Mowi invites all to extend their support to The Seeing Eye, Inc. Donations can be made directly through this link: or this one:

Lastly, Mowi teases an upcoming episode on its podcast, "Decoding Seafood," scheduled for November 16th, which promises further insights into these inspiring stories. The podcast is available at www.mowisalmon.usa.

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