JETFUEL (TM) Energy RTD Redefines the Energy Drink Market With the Inclusion of CognatiQ (R)

New performance energy drink brand launches an industry-first beverage with patented CognatiQ®

Jetfuel can with Cognatiq view

Jetfuel can with Cognatiq view

JETFUEL™, the new premium energy drink brand, is excited to introduce an industry-setting addition to its product lineup: JETFUEL™ Energy RTD, one of the  very first energy drinks featuring the innovative and patented ingredient CognatiQ® from FutureCeuticals, and is available exclusively in over 700 Vitamin Shoppe locations across the country. 

Staying true to the brand, JETFUEL utilizes only the highest quality ingredients while leveraging innovation to bring to market an energy drink that fills the void of true cognition and focus, providing both mental and physical benefits.  

“It’s an exciting time for us introducing this innovative, great-tasting, product to this exponentially growing category and we believe the inclusion of the patented CognatiQ ingredient will further ensure the success of this truly terrific energy drink,” says CEO Charles Moser.

CognatiQ® is a unique and patented coffee fruit extract that has taken the world of cognitive support by storm. This powerful ingredient has been clinically shown to elevate brain health by boosting BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor), increasing brain connectivity, and enhancing cognitive performance from a single 100mg dose. It combines the best of nature and science to ensure that your brain performs and functions at the highest level—no matter what life throws your way. 

Studies have shown that CognatiQ® can enhance cognitive tasks and improve functional connectivity in brain regions associated with attention, focus, and working memory ®—making it the perfect energy drink for the office, school, gym, or while gaming. 

JETFUEL™ Energy RTD isn’t your typical energy drink full of stimulants that can make you jittery before a massive crash. The brand listened to consumer insight to formulate a beverage that didn’t simply blend in with every other energy drink on the market. JETFUEL™ Energy RTD is carving its own path and pushing the other beverages out of the way so that consumers can focus on unlocking both mental and physical performance to support their daily tasks and training. 

JETFUEL’s decision to incorporate CognatiQ® into its new RTD energy drink represents a significant leap in the market. By harnessing the power of CognatiQ®, JETFUEL™ Energy RTD aims to provide consumers with not only an energy boost but also cognitive support that can help them perform at their peak in all aspects of life. 

Join the JETFUEL™ Movement today and elevate your purpose with JETFUEL™ Energy Drink. Ready. Jet. Go.™ Available in Watermelon, Strawberry Lemonade, and Tropic Thunderburst. 

Purchase JETFUEL™ by visiting, as well as the more than 700 Vitamin Shoppe stores nationwide. 


JETFUEL™ is an energy and performance brand driven by 25 years of nutrition and supplement experience with a passion for designing consumer-centric products built by the consumer, for the consumer. The JETFUEL™ brand name delivers on both a promise to launch energy and performance products to the marketplace but is also fueled by a team of people who believe adamantly in the brand and its core principles. At JETFUEL™, we believe everyone has the potential for greatness, and when life throws a lot at you, our energy products are there to help you tackle the obstacles that come your way, no matter how big or small. Whether you’re an athlete pushing their limits, an employee grinding long hours, or a student striving for excellence, JETFUEL™ is your unwavering companion to help you WIN each and every day. JETFUEL™…. Ready. Jet. Go.™ For more information, please visit

About FutureCeuticals
FutureCeuticals is a family-owned industry leader in the research, development and manufacture of fruit, vegetable, and grain-based powders and extracts for the functional food, cosmetics, and dietary supplement markets. We work to unlock the synergistic power of plants through the discovery and research of innovative, nutritious, and convenient plant-based ingredients. CognatiQ® is a registered trademark of FutureCeuticals.

Original Source: JETFUEL (TM) Energy RTD Redefines the Energy Drink Market With the Inclusion of CognatiQ (R)

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