Groundbreaking Adorable Children’s Book Celebrates Adoption, Acceptance, & Animal Advocacy

NYC Entrepreneur and TV Personality Lara Eurdolian Embarks on Authorship Journey

 Renowned NYC media personality, entrepreneur, and fashionista Lara Eurdolian introduces her latest project this November—an enchanting children's book that celebrates the magic of adoption and blended families through the endearing lens of animals. Simultaneously, it serves a noble mission, aiding animals in their quest to find their forever homes.

Charlie at the Pom Springs Hotel is a captivating journey inspired by a true story, chronicling the heartwarming adventure of Lara and her husband during a trip to Palm Springs, where they serendipitously meet and rescue Charlie—a senior Pomeranian who had made the hotel lobby his home.

Within the charming pages of this book, Charlie assumes the role of a tour guide at the Pom Springs Hotel. He introduces families to his unique animal friends, each living harmoniously within their blended families. While Charlie revels in his job and the companionship of his animal buddies, he nurtures the dream of finding his forever family. The book's poignant conclusion witnesses Charlie's heartwarming journey to a loving home in bustling NYC.

In a pioneering move, the hotel partnered with a local animal shelter to establish a pet adoption program. Here, dogs like Charlie found temporary refuge in the lobby, where guests could engage with and walk them until they found their forever homes. Charlie marked the 42nd success story of this partnership. Eurdolian aspires to inspire other hotels to follow suit and embrace foster and adoption programs.

Eurdolian, fueled by her passion for animal welfare, aims to be a beacon of hope. "1.5 million adoptable animals face the tragic fate of euthanasia each year. We're determined to make a difference," Eurdolian declares. "With shelters overwhelmed, we're on a mission to rally people and hotels to champion foster and adoption programs. Imagine if every pet-friendly hotel fostered a dog."

Eurdolian and Charlie have long been dedicated animal advocates, volunteering and collaborating with local shelters. Now, as authors, they're expanding their reach. "We pledge to donate $1 from every first edition book sold, and we're forging partnerships with various organizations," Eurdolian reveals. "Our agenda includes not just financial support but also organizing adoption events with hotels and enhancing the visibility of shelter animals."

When asked about the core lessons she hopes young readers glean from Charlie's tale, Eurdolian emphasizes, "Kindness and acceptance of different types of blended families—plus, it's okay to ask questions. Questions lead to understanding and learning. This story carries a special message about blended families, particularly resonating with adopted children and families with rescued animals."

For more information about the animal organizations, Eurdolian is collaborating with Follow Charlie's real-life adventures on Instagram @pompomcharlie and @prettyconnected. 

Charlie at the Pom Springs Hotel is available for pre-order now at Pretty Connected and Blue Balloon Bookstore and major retailers, including Amazon, Target, and Barnes & Noble, starting November 11th.

Original Source: Groundbreaking Adorable Children's Book Celebrates Adoption, Acceptance, & Animal Advocacy

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