EM3 Announces Launch of Ether: 9mm Ultra-Thin VR Glasses for Gaming and Movies

Smart glasses innovator EM3 just announced the launch of Ether - 9mm ultra-thin VR glasses for immersive 2D, 3D and VR viewing. At just 65g weight and 9mm thickness, Ether provides the ultimate comfort and privacy for cinematic media and gaming on the go. Now, users can enjoy a stunning 1000" IMAX-screen experience for any content at home or while traveling. Ether is currently being introduced with special pricing and incentives to reward early supporters: 
EM3 Ether: 9mm Thin VR Glasses for Gaming and Movies by EM3-STELLAR — Kickstarter

Ether lets people enjoy gaming and streaming anywhere and anytime with access to cloud-based content. Ether is pre-installed with the best cloud gaming services and utilizes power-efficient hardware that will never slow down games. There is no need for downloading high-end hardware; an incredible gaming experience is right at hand with Ether and the glasses are compatible with handhelds such as Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck to let users boost their gameplay to a big-screen display. For eyeglasses wearers, Ether is the perfect solution thanks to an advanced, self-developed adaptive myopia adjustment that provides clear visuals for everyone.

"Today, mobile devices allow us to take our media and games on the go as we travel between home, work, and school. Being able to supersize entertainment creates a far more immersive experience. Our goal with Ether was twofold - first, we wanted to provide the ultimate wear comfortable to users. Secondly, we wanted to ensure that the display was 100% private so that users could enjoy any kind of media, games, or entertainment without disturbing others. To do so we developed ultra-thin micro-nano optics with a screen that can only be seen by the user, allowing them to enjoy their content in total privacy and comfort. Just place the lightweight glasses on, and Ether instantly provides the ultimate private cinema and gaming room for an immersive escape into the digital world."  —EM3 Founder Lin.

Ether sets a new standard for ultra-high resolution private viewing and gaming. Utilizing dual 2560*2560-pixel Micro-OLED displays that feature faster response times and higher refresh rates, combined with exceptional cinematic surround sound, Ether provides the ultimate portable solution for an unparalleled audio-visual experience. Additionally, 3DOF is supported for users to enjoy VR videos and some VR games. Ether lets users enjoy a totally private entertainment world. Anything on the screen is completely invisible to others from any angle so that content can be discretely enjoyed in total privacy.

With plug & play simplicity, 5K resolution, pre-installed cloud gaming platforms, and an ultra-comfortable, lightweight form factor, Ether ultra-thin VR Glasses provide the best on-the-go viewing and gaming experience. Ether is available now; for more information, visit their campaign page: 
EM3 Ether: 9mm Thin VR Glasses for Gaming and Movies by EM3-STELLAR — Kickstarter

About EM3

EM3 Technology Co., Ltd. was founded with the aim of revolutionizing the way people connect through the use of virtual reality technology. With over 3 years of VR design and development experience, and 86+ patents and proprietary technologies, the company embodies the "M" philosophy of Man-Machine-Mind and is committed to helping others turn their ideas into reality. 

Contact Information:
William Hong
Marketing Manager
[email protected]

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