Launches Largest US National Autism Events Calendar With Support of Planning Across the Spectrum

LEWES, Del. - September 30, 2022 - (

The BeMe team are proudly taking on the National Autism Events calendar from Planning Across the Spectrum whose team carefully created it in 2018 and have mindfully curated and expanded upon it since. 

The calendar includes events organized in all US states by groups which exist to assemble Autistic individuals, their families and caregivers, care teams and their communities, providing meaningful opportunities to connect with and support one another.

"Each day, there are upward of 30 events listed in the calendar. These range from online, in-person and  combinations of online and in-person events. Therefore, even if you live outside of the state where an event is being organized, there may be options to join! Many of the events are free or have nominal fees to participate," shared Batool Mirza, BeMe's Director of Family and Partner Success.

"Our wish at Planning Across the Spectrum, particularly the team who worked on growing this calendar over the last several years, is to see it evolve and serve as many people as possible. We feel that it is in good hands with the BeMe team, and are happy to continue collaborating in this effort. A special thank you to Andrew Arboe, our Director of Community Outreach for his work in being an always-diligent curator and community advocate," shared Andrew Komarow calendar visionary and Founder of Planning Across the Spectrum.

"I appreciate that Andrew wanted this valuable community-centric resource to be managed by an organization which shared his team's vision and mission for connection across local and national.

Additionally - it is bigger than that - we are of the same mindset in terms of human rights, true neuroinclusion, and the need for holistic support with a focus on abilities and strength in diversity. 

With this as our north star, we are honored at BeMe to continue the growth of the calendar, expanding it beyond the United States, and integrating it with other resources in the future.

Indeed, like Planning Across the Spectrum's team, we are neurodiverse ourselves, and as we say 'We are the families we serve.' We sincerely feel privileged to become the curators of this important resource," concluded Sarah Glofcheskie, BeMe's Founder and CEO.

Visit the calendar at:


About BeMe is focused on bridging the gap between the current standard of care provided to Autistic individuals and a truly individualized, needs-based approach to holistic wellbeing on a massive scale.

BeMe provides a health and wellbeing tracker and insight generating app incorporating medical, behavioral and environmental data, designed specifically to support Autistic children. 

About Planning Across the Spectrum

Planning Across the Spectrum is a financial planning firm with a mission to help any individual with autism and their care teams achieve financial freedom and enhance their quality of life while walking the path of financial independence.

Contact Information:
Andrew Komarow
Founder, Planning Across the Spectrum
[email protected]

Sarah Glofcheskie
Founder and CEO,
[email protected]
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