Victoria Unikel announces new 24Fashion TV trademark

A trademark has been granted to 24 Fashion TV, the brainchild of serial entrepreneur and media mogul Victoria Unikel!

Victoria Unikel, a modern-day media magnate, has made her latest announcement about one of her creations – 24Fashion TV, an American TV channel broadcasting the latest fashion content free around the world.

“We did it! It wasn’t easy, but now only our company has official rights to use the 24Fashion name”, says Victoria.

The global fashion project has only been around for a couple of years, but it already has millions of views on their internet and worldwide television platforms, ROKU TV and Amazon Fire TV. These are the world’s top television platforms with over 100 million households served worldwide.

In Victoria’s opinion, 24Fashion TV is vital for both novice and experienced designers because it gives them a chance to appear on an established fashion channel and build brand awareness.

Because most of the content streamed on 24Fashion TV is of famous fashion runways, the viewers immediately see the designer’s style and creativity without any unnecessary filler. “If you love fashion, you’ll love 24Fashion TV!”, says Victoria.

Having run several big media companies and projects most of her life, Victoria Unikel is now focused on expanding her network – and she’s doing amazing things! Her main entertainment company, VUGA Enterprises Media Group, is an empire of publications and a genuine PR machine. Over 65 digital newspapers and magazines that together receive more than 6 million unique monthly visitors.

“I’m not going to stop! I need more, much more!”, says Victoria, for whom this is but one of her many goals in life.

There’s more to it than that. Her latest and favorite creation is Gossip Stone TV, a celebrity TV channel with real celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, etc. The list is huge!

According to Licht Journal, Victoria Unikel is a producer of original shows like The Most Expensive, Seduce Like a Spy, Hypno Challenge, and the Ari Global show broadcast in a new format especially for Gossip Stone TV. This celebrity channel is absolutely free to watch on ROKU TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV.

Back to the ever-exciting fashion world – 24Fashion TV offers promotions at very affordable prices for brands looking to up their game and is now the best platform for marketing fashion brands and designers around the globe.

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