Show J. Simone. SS23 during Paris Fashion Week

Show J. Simone. SS23 during Paris Fashion Week

Graduated from Central Saint Martins School in Fashion design, Jude Ferrari has worked as a stylist for Jacquemus, Zara, Undiz and Written Afterwards in Japan. In 2019, she created her luxury ready-to-wear and accessories brand J.Simone reflects her insatiable creative spirit.

Jude compares the aesthetic of her brand to a Cronut: a fashionable pastry, blending the French elegance of a croissant with the eccentricity of a colorful donut. J.Simone's collections are characterized by fluid yet structured cuts. The silhouettes are powerful, colorful and assumes originality and humor.

For her first show during the Paris Fashion Week, the designer, sharing her surname with the car brand Ferrari , plays with this coincidence and turns the situation into an amusing revenge. Highlighting a delirious and immersive universe, prestigious brands such as Swaroski, or mythical ones, like Crocs, lend themselves to the game as sponsors of the brand.

"Bagnole'" Spring/Summer 2023 collection is then an offbeat collection, drawing its inspiration from the Pop'ular culture overflowing with ultra cliche? references, where the "bad taste" is trendy. Various inspirations collide then: American Monster Trucks car tuning, Formula 1 racing and its equestrian lexical field. The collection explores infinite combinations of these universes. To wear J.Simone is to enter a world where the absurd becomes chic.

The show took place on September 26 at the Bastille Design Center. Featuring a cast of popular artists and atypical personalities such as Julien Granel, Poupie and Mosey.

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