Nawel Nedjari The Force Behind Alger Fashion Week

Lyon-born Nawel Nedjari is the founder of Alger Fashion Week and Fashion Week Tour, a package trip devoted to fashion in Paris and the French Riviera, and Algerian fashion shows in Paris. Having studied fashion design, she also founded her own fashion brand BERRIN.

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Nawel Nedjari

24Fashion TV: Did you always want to be in the Fashion Industry?

Nawel Nedjari: Since I was very young, I have always been crazy about fashion. My mom is a fashion designer, and she used to buy fashion magazine with pictures of DIOR, BALMAIN and GIVENCHY. I wish I would have kept these magazines now, its vintage!

How did you start Alger Fashion Week?

After creating Fashion Week Tour, and bringing American, Chinese and Middle East clients to Paris, my mom Rachida convinced me to launch something about the Algerian traditional clothes, and I did it by launching first the Facebook page in 2011, now followed by more than 30 000 fans all over the world. Then my first annual fashion week event was launched in 2016 in my hometown Lyon. And the first edition was very successful. Sadly, we even had to refuse some people because the event was sold out.

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Why did you decide to start Alger Fashion Week? 

I decided to start Alger Fashion Week because no one did it in Alger, and Im still fighting today to launch it in its capital, since we need more support from the Algerian government. There is not enough help from it. The Algerian culture needs to be promoted everywhere. Actually there is an Algerian traditional wedding dress protected at UNESCO, named Chedda of Tlemcen. And I am very proud of it!

Was it hard to start?

Starting Alger Fashion Week in Paris was easy since I was already living there and knew many photographers and models. The location was Normandy Hotel a classical glamorous Parisian venue. So I was happy to mix Algerian culture with Paris, especially because there is a big Algerian community in France.

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What style is most popular in Algeria for casual/evening and business attire for men and women?

Today, Algerians wear daily like occidentals, but when it comes to wedding or special events, you can wear traditional. The modern thing is to mix both by wearing a traditional KARAKO jacket with a denim and stilettos, for a wedding, a party or going to a fashion show.

In what countries do Alger Fashion Week take place, why did you choose them?

Alger Fashion Week takes place in Paris, but the goal is to launch it in the capital of Alger with the patronage of the ministry of culture I hope. I chose Paris because I was living there.

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Do Alger men follow fashion?

Yes of course there are a lot of men following Fashion and most of the time the designers are men! SAMIR KERZABI, KARIM AKROUF and KARIM KADID are famous fashion designers in Algeria and have promoted their collection abroad.

We noticed most dresses are exquisite and hand made! How do you choose designers for Alger Fashion Week?

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I first look at their collections. It's the first thing I do, if its modern and innovative. If the designers are able to provide stocks of the collection in order to sell it to clients. Its very important and essential, during the show, clients are sitting and willing to buy !

What would you like to see happen for Alger Fashion Week? 

I want Alger Fashion Week to be bigger by having a new location for the event. I want Alger Fashion Week to be organized in the USA and Canada too. And finally, who I wish to see at one of my events is Anna Wintour of course!!

By Galina Antonova,

Editor-in-Chief, 24Fashion TV

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