Miss Sohee SS 2024 during Paris Haute Couture Week

Miss Sohee Spring-Summer 2024 COUTURE COLLECTION

I've always found beauty in old, neglected objects. They speak to me on a deeply personal level. The idea of collecting beautiful antiques, with rich and meaningful stories woven into their very essence, allows me to breathe new life into them.

The Spring/Summer 2024 Couture collection is greatly inspired by my recent travels to Seoul, as well as my besotted love for giving fresh meaning to things long forgotten, which are subsequently reinterpreted through my personal lens.

This collection exists at the intersection of timelessness and the contemporary, mirrored in the study of the female form and the art of sophisticated seduction. The ideas are rooted in corsetry, daring slits and open-back dresses while upholding traditional couture techniques and shapes, best seen in the opening bridal-inspired look.

Old white porcelain vases, mother-of-pearl jewellery boxes and wooden fans are translated directly into the shapes of the collection; the vases are seen in the hourglass skirts, mother of pearl is best represented in backless, figure-hugging dresses and handbags. The colour palette for this collection consists of soft jewel tones, reminding me of cherry blossoms and magnolias as they are the first flowers to bloom in the Spring.

The design narrative behind this collection is comparable to painting on canvas; there is an ease of flow to the ideas presented. The geometrical shapes of old tiles, the surrealist landscape paintings depicting azalea hills, and the bewitching lotus fields are reflected in the Swarovski crystal-embellished skirts and intricate embroideries across silk taffeta dresses, billowing chiffon skirts, moire trains and soft gazars.

My love for craft and textiles is brought to life through a collaboration with South Korean artisans on handbags and Hansan Mosi-linen fans, created using a unique slow-weaving technique, made from locally sourced hemp. In addition, I've used fabrics from old costumes by revitalising them with novel takes. The intricate hand-embroidered hats add a finishing touch of savoir-faire and finesse to the ensembles presented.

Runway Looks

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Photo: Press Miss Sohee

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By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad

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