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LUMIERE Runway - our new partner

Who is LUMIERE Runway?

LUMIERE Runway is powered by Meler Productions, a fashion show production company, and E-commerce shopping site.

We support artists by creating a contemporary and innovative approach to the traditional fashion show, including world-renowned performers to the talented professional models on the runway.

One of our central goals is to promote and support local charities. Aiding charities is a major aspect of our work, and we feel that it is our responsibility and a privilege to help improve the lives of others in need.

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Our expert team works together to create important moments of artistic design and creativity with the support of a highly focused level of publicity, both with our target audience and with our loyal pre-established audience.

Lumiere Runway endeavors to be a part of the success in the world of design, as well as have an impact on society as a whole.

LUMIERE's show producers, Fionna Wong and Laurent Meler, live and breathe all things fashion runway.

They handpick a specific non-profit organization for each event for their support by promising a contribution of an agreed percentage of the proceeds from each event. They strive especially to invite international designers to express their artistic talents as well as to speak out, to make a meaningful social statement.

Lumiere Runway will be featuring some really top-notch celebrity models this season, stay tuned!

We manage two separate teams, totaling 10 part-time employees, interns, and independent contractors, all deeply involved in the fashion industry.

We work with highly competent public relations firms to insure the most appropriate demographic is reached for our target audience. Our guests frequently include film and music celebrities, commercial buyers, entertainment industry executives, marketers, potential investors, the pressand of course, potential customers of the merchandise being modeled.

On a continual basis, we have personnel dedicated to scouting locations for events and keeping us apprised as to future possibilities.

We host film and video casting, costume fitting, as well as various elements of show and event production management.

We pride ourselves in giving personal and professional correspondence with and service to each and every fashion designer, with especially focused attention to international designers.

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